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Hat Trick-6x9 master-16-Nov-medHere’s a sneak peek at one of the novellas that have been contracted, but not yet edited. I gave you the cover reveal earlier this week. So I thought I’d give you a snippet form the same work. The caveat is that you don’t judge too harshly if you see any typos and stuff cause it’s unedited. lol In other words, keep that shit to yourself. Now if you see the same mistake after editing, please do inform me so that I might make fun of the appropriate people. lol

Anyway, here’s a little snippet from Hat Trick.




“What?” he asked as she stood still continuing to peer into the waste receptacle.

“No condom wrappers?” she asked perplexed. She strode over to the bathroom and picked up the trashcan that was just inside the door. Then her gaze swept over the room. “No condom wrappers, Silas.”

Shit. He wracked his brain to remember what he’d done with the condom wrappers and the spent condoms themselves. He got nothing. Not one iota of an idea for what he’d done with the protection he had used regularly since he’d been getting laid. He’d never, not ever not used a condom when he had sex. No matter how drunk, how fucked up he’d gotten. Not ever. Evidence of his diligence was usually left somewhere in the room in which he’d engaged in sexual relations. And as his gaze traversed the hotel room, he noted one thing. There was an absolute lack of evidence that a condom was even pulled out last night, much less used.

As Emma slammed down her coffee cup, he could’ve sworn that the sound was his world crashing down around his ears. Shit. Fuck. Damn.

“It’s okay. It’s okay,” Emma chanted. More to herself than to him. She looked over at him. “I’m on the pill. Well, the shot really, but birth control anyways. As long as you haven’t slept with half the Houston female population without protection, we should be covered.”

He was offended. “Hey, what if you’ve slept with half the Denver population without protection?” A ridiculous assertion, but still he didn’t like being called a man-whore even in a roundabout manner.

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