Steel & Stilettos

Deke and Nathan are bounty hunters and bodyguards. They met Zoe when they we hired to be her bodyguard during a 3 week cross-country road trip. That trip for Zoe was needed so she could make some big decisions in her life.

At a crossroad in her life, Zoe takes a risk and chooses a road that even 6 months earlier, she might not have taken. But in the here and now, she takes the leap and not only begins a new professional life as a stunt woman and small business owner, but also starts a new relationship with both Deke and Nathan.

Making LA their home-base headquarters, danger wastes no time in finding them even in the land of fruits and nuts. Still, how much trouble could two bounty hunters and one stunt woman possibly get into? You’d be surprised.

Finding each other was just the beginning, now they have to stay together while trying to remain uninjured and alive.




~ Open Road
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If you’ve ever wondered about how your favorite characters got together, or who they were before they appeared in that first book… . Because inquiring minds want to know. Plus, this novella is pretty hot in the heat level, leaning more toward erotic romance.


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Info: Open Road was released first in the Hot Rods, Hot Bods anthology in July, 2013. It became available for individual download September 26, 2013.



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Coffee Time Romance





Zoe Akio is a professional dirt bike racer who decides to ride her motorcycle across the country and think about a future post motocross racing. Her manager hires two bodyguards, Deke and Nathan, to travel with her. The three weeks with the three of them in close quarters changes all of their lives as a new, unexpected road opens up.




~Well Played
Book 1
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Moving on with their new lives, Zoe, Deke and Nathan didn’t know it meant moving into the cross hairs of a killer. When dead bodies start showing up at film sets she’s hired on as a stunt rider, the cops become suspicious of her. So when the real murderer puts her in jeopardy, she’ll have no one else to rely on, but herself and her two men.

Confronting killers might be the least of their worries, however, as fault lines appear in what looked at first glance to be solid- the future of their triad. As they confront the cracks in their triad and deal with cops and killers, will it be the killer who ends their future, or will they if the cracks become insurmountable?


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