I used to do other stuff. Now I write sexy books.

… the good stuff…

When I am not writing, I sing in the shower- terribly, inadvertently kill all the flowers I plant and shop for high end shoes at bargain prices on the internet. I love dogs, although both of mine have long since gone to doggy heaven. I read lots of books in a variety of genres. I make fun of the news and reality TV. I think chocolate should be on the food pyramid as its own category. Dirty martinis are my preferred drink. I think good friends and good conversation over a good meal is the ideal way to spend any free time. I’m not human until and unless I have had my first cup of coffee. And last but not least, I always try to buy flowers for my hotel rooms because it just makes it feel more like home.

Wanna know more? Not much else to tell. But you can always shoot me a note and I might put you into one of my posts.





Some Fun Facts About Me:

Sign: Aquarius
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Number: 7
Favorite Food: King Crab Legs or Korean spicy soy sauce crabs… see the theme?!?!
Favorite Fast Food: Chik-Fil-A Spicy Chicken Deluxe or Carl’s Jr. Jalapeño Burger
Pet Peeve: People turning without a turn signal.
Weird Fact: I can’t eat food from previously-owned-by-someone-else refrigerators.

I’m an Alaskan at heart, even when I have to live elsewhere. I’m a natural born US citizen even though I wasn’t born on US soil. English is my third language even though I can’t speak the two former ones anymore. Although, I’ve learned two more languages since I learned English and forgotten the other two.

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