OtherKind Series

I wrote about how my brain thinks in series, mostly, and not standalone books a few days back. It does. Apparently, that is how my brain is wired. As a result, I have a Paranormal Romance series- OtherKind, with witches, shifters, fae and vampires and sundry of other paranormal creatures. It’s a world shared by humans. It is an interesting world. A world where monsters can be anyone and heroes tested in life or death situations. And where love relationships rarely, if ever, happen with just two people.

Total-E-Bound is publishing two novellas that make up the prequel to the issues that the protagonists will face in the books that follow. Yes, a two book prequel. I know most people have one book as the prequel. But that can’t be helped. My prequel needs two novellas to start the story arc. So that’s what there is. So there. The first novella is called FarSeen and it is being released as part of the Wanton Witches line. The second, Night Blind,  just got a contract offer. I haven’t got a release date yet. But I am hoping it will be sometime in December. My fingers are crossed.

The next two books in the series starts the main show. One is a novella and the other is a novel. They are stories about how the different Others come out to the humans, who will be in control of the world and the age-old battle between good and evil. By the time the story arc wraps up, the world as the people in my books know it is changed as are the people themselves. Some parts of the world are better, others not so much. There is love and betrayal. Lust and denial. Friends who become enemies and enemies who become allies.

A tall order in the grand scheme of things. Even with multiple books, these subjects will never get fully exhausted. Universal questions will never get a definitive answer. But the OtherKind series will showcase humor, strength and being true to oneself in the face of change- drastic, monumental, world-shifting change. And I hope you come to love the characters as much as I love them. And get lost in the world like I have. Welcome to my mind- told and seen, in the form of a series.

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