Music Monday 9/16/13

It’s that time again. Gonna go back to the 80s this time. Here are some tunes that make me happy. It’s a huge mash up of artists and styles. A real reflection of what I listened to, what I liked and what still makes me smile.

First up is some Judas Priest. Yeah, that’s right. The song I chose is You Got Another Thing Coming. Funny story. Not from the 80s but from the 90s. A cover band in Branson, Missouri played this song for me and started off an evening I have never forgotten. It involved a guy with one leg who had one brother named Daryl and another brother named Daryl- I kid you not… it’s how he introduced them, some cops, a local party house and memories that have lasted. Those of you who went with me, a group of 20-something law students, got an eye opening experience that night. It was AWESOME! lol

Next up is some Run DMC. I have never, not ever, subscribed to the theory that one type/genre of music is better than another. I like and listen to EVERYTHING. And this includes rap music. I liked it when it begin, when it went through growing pains and I still like it today. What’s not to like- it’s got beat, heart and speaks to the underdog, oppression and telling a story. Well, at the least, the best raps do. And the best rappers? Well, they can turn it on it’s head. And combine some Aerosmith as well. Run DMC was all that and a bag a chips. I got two selections. One is Walk this Way featuring Aerosmith. The other is pure 80s DMC, Can You Rock It Like This. I gotta say… I had a HARD time choosing the second selection.

Now the next artist blew up the 80s. And the 90s and the new millennium. Madonna. Need I say more? I remember my head cheerleader brought her record back from New York. It was totally bootlegged. The sound was terrible. But the music? The music was incredible. And thus, my love affair with the pop diva herself was born. Lots of selections from her. The one I selected is a different kind of groove. All the more sensual for the understated quality. It’s a naughty song. But then again, I’m a naughty girl who writes naughty stories. So I guess, Madonna’s Where Life Begins, is exactly where I was to end this Music Monday. Although, her entire Erotica album ROCKS!

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