Current Projects 2

So I have a lot on my plate. Took almost a month and half off this summer. I had a few non-writerly things that needed doing. I got ‘er done. But it pushed back my schedule a bit. Which means, I have to race to the finish line now. I have several goals I want to meet before the end of the year. So instead of a full blog post, I thought I’d use the nifty little feature my post page is showing me and just do a brief status update on my current projects.

1. I’m trying to learn Scrivener. Many writerly types have told me that I will think writing is revolutionized by this program. So far so good. I’ve imported several manuscripts into it and I’ve been cruising right along.

2. I’m awaiting edits on the first book in a new series call LG Custom. It is a series with standalone novels. About some dudes who do custom body work and the women they end up meeting and falling in love with.

3. I am finishing up a novella in my OtherKind universe. Cat shifters, MFMM menage and romance all thrown in together. Giving a little depth and context to the world I am building. This series is gonna start out all paranormally, but by the end, it should have crossed over into Urban Fantasy.

4. I am about 1/3 done with Book 2 in the Name of the Game series. A soccer player, a secret baby from a one night stand between two people who don’t really like each other. It’s been fun so far.

5. I am outlining the first Book of the Steel & Stilettos. Zoe, Deke and Nathan are going to be getting into some trouble as they try to navigate their relationship. They get thrown some curveballs by bad guys who have nothing to do with skips and guard duties. The genre will be Romantic Suspense with some whodunits and whyfors and whatnots. All that stress can put pressure on any new relationship. But when there’s a triad minefield as well, it’s just complicated.


So that’s the bi-yearly wrap up for me. If I can get these things done before the end of the year, I’ll call it good. Cause next year is looking like it’s going to be even mo’ busy.

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