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In less than two weeks, my novella, FarSeen, will be released from Total-E-Bound. On October 18, 2013 to be exact. And to be more specific, FarSeen is available fFarSeenor pre-release download right now from the TEB site. It’s the general release that isn’t until 10/18/13.

FarSeen is part of TEB’s Wanton Witches collection. Which coincides perfectly with the Halloween holiday. Because FarSeen has three witches and it involves All Hallows Eve. Magic and menage, a fabulous combination. So without further adieu, here is the blurb followed by an excerpt. The third of my promised four. The fourth snippet will be posted on the day the book is generally released. Until then, enjoy excerpt the third. 😀



Taking a break from finding the cure for a magic sickness killing witches, Evangeline (Evie) Parker picks up Drew for a night of hot sex. One night is not enough, however. In strange twist of fate, Trent, Drew’s partner also comes into Evie’s life. One night is definitely not enough when two becomes three. As they come together, they realize while separately they are good, together they are great.

All Hallows Eve is the time when the cure to the magic sickness is predicted to make itself known. Combining magic and sex on that special night cures more than the magic sickness afflicting the witch community, it also cures three lonely hearts.

FARSEEN is hot and sweet in a small tasty bite. It is filled with sex magic, lit up chakras and hearts slowly opening up to each other.



Before she could answer, her grandmother returned with a large man. Even though she had left Drew’s bed that morning, this man took her breath away.

He was large. Not tall but stocky, built. Big. He had light brown hair, threaded with golden highlights, but it was the stormy grey-green eyes that really captured her attention. He was almost too rugged-looking to be considered classically good-looking, but his eyes turned him from nondescript to stunning.

“Evie, honey, this is Trent,” her grandmother introduced the large man. “He’s going to help you find the source of the sickness.”

“Ummm, okay, Grandmother.” Evie was distracted again. At this rate, she was never going to figure out the cure. Between Sara’s interest in her hook-up last night and her grandmother bringing hot guys to her stillroom, Evie was going to be off track for days.

“He owns a computer security company but he’s agreed to do some consulting work for the coven,” her grandmother offered.

Evie’s brain finally caught up to the conversation with her grandmother. “Umm, I already have some help, Grandma.”

“Not as good as Trent, child,” her grandmother informed her primly.

“Oh, well.” She looked at Trent and shrugged her shoulders. “Umm, hi. I’m Evie.” She held out her hand.

“It’s nice to meet you, Evie,” he told her as he took her hand.

Oh snap. Her body shivered when he took her hand. The last guy she had had this reaction to was Drew and she had got all naked and sweaty with him.


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