The Government Watches Us… We Should Watch Back

I’m not a crazy alarmist. I’m just crazy. lol Seriously, I KNOW when people say things like this, it sounds crazy. Plus, there’s this whole laziness factor to add in as well. Then there are elements of disbelief because… it just can’t be. But it is. Parts of our society have gone to seed, been allowed to run rampant with unfettered access to power and position as we watch on.

Do I think our government is evil? No. It’s populated with people as well, who are just as lazy as the rest of us. But when the general population is being all lazy and shit, we isolate and want everyone to leave us the hell alone. When government gets lazy, something else happens. Corners are cut and shortcuts are taken. Only the people who represent our government do this, its the general population that ends up paying.

So what started all this? Just watching video after video of cops pulling people over and going beyond the scope. So, here’s the deal. It used to be that some cops had cameras on their cars. It got pulled because there were too many incidents that made the cops look unfavorable. So many departments got rid of them. So my bright idea is to have citizen filmers.

That’s right. We all have smart phones and some of us carry around small video cameras. Film traffic stops and various other cop/citizen interaction. Then upload it onto youtube so that interested parties can access it. Tag it with date, time and city/state and crossroads.  As more videos are uploaded, it’ll be like the largest grass roots reality TV show ALL on youtube. Not only do we keep everyone in check, we get some good entertainment as well. Win/win, dude. What the hell are we waiting for?


Examples of why we need to watch our government, starting with the police.

Hundred’s Protest Albuquerque’s Trigger-Happy Police Department

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