August Blog Chain

It’s that time of the month again- AW‘s blog chain is here!!! lol What did you think I meant?!?! My flash fiction piece is below. At the end is a list of the other participant’s blogs where their flash fiction pieces will be. It’s a kinda cool topic this month, so go read some of the others.


This month’s prompt:
Child of the devil

Whether the devil be literal, figurative, or Cruella. As always, can be prose, poetry, play, fiction, nonfiction.

Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. I’ll let you know in this thread when it’s your turn. Once your turn comes up, you have two days to complete a blog post using the prompt. When you are finished, please add a link to your post on the thread.

1000 words or less

Date Night at the Devil’s House

“Don’t scare Trevor, dad,” she told her father. Then she turned to Trevor. “Don’t let dad scare you. I’ll only be a second grabbing my wrap.”

She turned and walked out of the room confident the two she’d left behind would get along. Her surety lasted only so long as it took to grab her wrap from her room and return. She almost walked into a low yet heartfelt discussion.

“I promise I only have the utmost respect for your daughter, sir.” She heard Trevor say so earnestly, it almost colored the room.

“Don’t stay out past her curfew. And if I find out that you’ve laid one single hand on my daughter, I promise I’ll make your life hell.” Her dad’s tone of voice was even, which was incongruous with the words he’d spoken.

She didn’t doubt her dad would make any guy who hurt her regret it. Could possibly make that guy’s life a living hell if he desired. Literally. He was the Lord of the Underworld. The proverbial devil- with a capital D,  after all. Satan. Beelzebub. And a host of other really odd sounding and spelled names.

She’d long ago given up the hope of having a second date with any guy while she still lived at home. Most guys took her out once.

Before meeting her dad, they would be all excited to have her agree to a date. Then they would meet her dad. Not wanting to offend him, they couldn’t very well turn tail and run on the spot. So invariably the date would proceed. But it would proceed in the sense that the guy would treat her like his kid sister and not an almost adult female. A few had given her a chaste kiss goodbye. Most just said ‘see ya later’ and then ran-walked as fast as they could far, far away from her and her house and her dad.

In the beginning, she’d just thought the guys were being nice in a gentlemanly sort of way. But as she waited and waited and then waited some more for a phone call about a second date, she’d finally gotten a clue they hadn’t been nice or gentlemanly. No, they’d been petrified of her father.

At first, her feelings had been hurt. But over time, she’d realized that such spineless ninnies weren’t for her anyway. Still, she’d wished that at least one of them had had a backbone. Seriously, was every guy such a wuss? Apparently, all the ones that came into her sphere of existence were.

Trevor would be the same. She had no doubt he would be like all the others. After overhearing her dad’s spiel, she at least understood why her other dates had all but peed themselves.

Resigned, she stepped back into the front room where Trevor was standing close to her father.

“I’m ready,” she said in a cheerful manner that belied her certainty that this date would be like all the others and just fizzle.

“I forgot to tell you that you looked fabulous, Lily,” Trevor said.

He walked over to her, pretended to help adjust her wrap and then kissed her lightly on the cheek.

She was so surprised by his actions, she couldn’t form a reply.

Her dad looked murderous. Whether it was because she was in the room, her dad kept his silence, however, just glowering in his dadly way. On anybody else, the the smoke coming out his nose would have been hypothetical. But since her dad was her dad, he had real little puffs of smoke coming out of his nostrils. Not a lot. But enough for her to know he was ticked.

She’d have to talk to him later. It wasn’t as if she were a child. She was 17 after all and a kiss on the cheek was pretty damn tame compared to some of the stories she’d heard from other girls.

She smiled. Maybe this date wasn’t going to be like all the others. It had certainly started out different.

She turned her head slightly so she could look directly into Trevor’s eyes. “Ready?”


Her dad followed her to the door and waited with the door open as they got into the car. As soon as the doors were shut, words tumbled out of her mouth.

“You’re brave, you know.”

“Not really. But if I had let him see I was afraid it would have colored our relationship.”

“Yeah? How?”

“I just wanted him to know he could care about you but so can I. Plus, it was a man thing. Trust me, he’ll respect me more for it and next time I come pick you up, he’ll be less intense.”

“Seriously? Is there like a handbook on this?”

“Nah. It’s just that my dad behaved like your dad when my sisters were dating. I figured it out then.”

“You’re dad’s a dick too?”

Trevor laughed. “Not normally. But the guys my sisters would date thought so. Until they started bring home guys he couldn’t intimidate. Then he chilled.”

“Great,” she muttered. “Wished I’d figured that out ages ago.”

Trevor broke out into a full on smile then. “No way, babe. Then you might’ve been taken when I was ready to ask you out. Besides, your dad’s gonna be more pissed when he figures out who my dad is.”

“Who’s your dad?”


Well shit. What were the odds?

“Umm, my dad and your dad used to be friends. I overheard my mom talking about it once when she was complaining to her BFF that dad doesn’t get out for a guy’s night out anymore.”

“Yeah, I think they had a falling out.”

“Must have been serious. How long have they been on the outs?”

“A pretty long time,” Trevor told her. “But maybe if we keep going out, we can get them back together again.”

“The world might end if we do.”  Literally.


“We’re going out again?” She couldn’t keep the hope and surprise out of her voice.




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July Blog Chain

Doing AW‘s July Blog Chain. I hadn’t planned to do this month’s cause I am seriously busy, busy, busy. I just left editing hell for revision hell and am on a crash course for more writing, editing and revisions. But I couldn’t resist the prompt.

This month’s prompt:
Dog Days of Summer

In other words, the hottest and most sultry part of summer. Etymology lesson here. As always, can be prose, poetry, play, fiction, nonfiction.

Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. I’ll let you know in this thread when it’s your turn. Once your turn comes up, you have two days to complete a blog post using the prompt. When you are finished, please add a link to your post on the thread.

Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible.

Dog Days

“Did you find them?”

“No, my Lord. They’ve hidden themselves well,” replied the soldier. His mouth was in a tight line. His eyes showing the fatigue his body did not.

“Search every house in the quarter. I want my slave back. And I want him back too,” Lord Andier’s voice sounded calm. His eyes were fevered, however.

The soldier kept his thoughts to himself. Wisely. The heat was making everyone crazy. Although, the soldier knew it wasn’t just the heat making Andier crazy. Andier had been crazy long before the sweltering summer heat. Trying to find Dideron and the stolen slave, Isla, was trying to find a needle in a haystack. There were too many people. Too many poor. Dideron and Isla could be hiding anywhere.

“If you can’t find them by tomorrow night, there will be hell to pay,” Lord Andier’s voice was still flat, holding no emotion. “Do I make myself clear, Major Ascanto?”

“Perfectly, my Lord. It shall be done,” Ascanto replied.

“Excellent. Find Isla. Bring her to me bound and naked. Bring them both to me bound and naked. Then raze the entire city,” Andier spoke.  Ascanto wasn’t sure he heard correctly.

“My Lord?”

“Bring that bitch to me and the mongrel she’s fucking, then kill everyone on this planet,” Andier’s voice was razor sharp.

Ascanto kept the horror off his face, but it was a near thing.

“Lord, there are a little over a million people just in this settlement,” Ascanto tried to reason with his Lord.

“Yes, and they hid my traitorous Isla, no? And spawned Dideron from their loins,” Andier’s eyes lost their feverishness as he spoke. “I loved her. I gave her everything. She betrayed me. With a street rat. Kill them all. They are mine. This planet is mine. The city is mine. They live by my sufferance. And now they will die by my sufferance as well.”

Ascanto knew better than to answer. Not this time. Andier had just dropped verbal landmines. But Ascanto couldn’t hide his thoughts from himself. It hadn’t taken long for Ascanto to realize Andier was insane. Completely and clinically insane. Andier was also too powerful for any to speak of his insanity.

The vision of the city burning along with its inhabitants made Ascanto’s stomach turn. He knew it then. He should have never accepted this post. He’s had reservations about it from the first. He knew the superstition about the Sirius sector. Had chalked it up to imagination and the need to blame the unseeable on the unknowable and hadn’t put credence in the warnings that something was wrong, seriously fucking wrong, here.

Now Ascanto knew it was true. All of it. It was also too late. He’d been caught in the madness. Caught by his arrogance.

“Shall I warn them, my Lord. At least tell them to evacuate?” Ascanto kept the horror from his voice, knowing it would fuel Andier’s anger to even greater heights.

Andier didn’t speak for long moments. “Yes. Let them scurry to try and evade the destruction. Whoever remains will be sacrificed. Those left behind will be payment for those allowed to escape.”

“It shall be done, my Lord,” Ascanto replied as if Andier had made the suggestion. It was safer for all of them if Andier thought it was so.

Ascanto turned and walked to the door.

“Major,” Andier called. “Don’t fail me. Your men will pay for your failure. While you watch.”

Ascanto was glad his back was turned and he was facing away from Andier. He wasn’t sure he could kept the revulsion from his face. This Sirius sector assignment had been a clusterfuck from the first. It had just gone past clusterfuckiness all the way to fucked up beyond all belief.

“It will be as you wish, my Lord.”

Ascanto stepped out of the Lord’s chambers and into the scorching summer heat. It was so hot, it felt as if the flesh was melting straight off his bones. His men should be resting, sleeping off the heat. Instead, they were going to go searching for a missing slave and her lover. House to house.

Sacrifice. Sirius. The height of summer. The words kept repeating in Ascanto’s mind. Over and over again. Until Ascanto threw back his head and laughed. It wasn’t a laugh of amusement. Not at all.

“Perfect. History is come alive. Repeating after nearly a millennia,” Ascanto spoke to himself. He entertained the thought that he was perhaps going slowly mad himself. Cracked. Like Andier. It wasn’t the first time he entertained the thought that it was the sector driving them crazy. Something in the air, or not in the air.

Sacrifice. Sirius. Height of summer.

It was a loop none of them could avoid.

Sacrifice. Sirius. Height of summer.

He should have never taken this assignment. He should have begged for the spot in the Orion sector. On his knees if he had to. He should have pleaded for a transfer when he realized the extent of the rot in the Sirius sector. He didn’t. And now he would pay. His men would pay. They would all pay.

Sacrifice. Sirius. Height of summer.

Madness had come for them all. All because of a crazed Lord, and a love affair. Forbidden love affair, true. It was the insane Lord that turned the love affair from a romance to a tragedy. That turned the sheltering of lovers into a mass treason. That was going to turn this city from a bustling market into a slaughterhouse. And make everyone on the planet a sacrifice.

Ascanto gave orders to his men. His men were too well trained to show any emotion. They moved to carry out his orders.

Sacrifice. Sirius. Summer.

Ascanto wondered if other soldiers in other times listened as those very same words reverberated within their minds. He should have never accepted this assignment. His realization came too late, however.

Sacrifice. Sirius. Summer.

Three words. Embedded forever in his brain. He wouldn’t survive. He knew it. He accepted the inevitable. Then he moved to follow his men. Searching each house. Until death came for them all.

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June Blog Chain

Doing AW‘s June Blog Chain again. Might the last for a bit. I got a lot on my plate right now.

This month’s prompt:

Yep. Bugs. Simple and easy. Prose, poetry, play. Fiction, nonfiction. It’s all good, all bugs.

Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. I’ll let you know in this thread when it’s your turn. Once your turn comes up, you have two days to complete a blog post using the prompt. When you are finished, please add a link to your post on the thread.

Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible.


“Don’t let them escape,” she cried.

“I’m tryin’ not to,” he answered.

“Oh my god. Get them.” She was horrified.

Silas wasn’t a very forgiving overseer. Not even a drop of compassion flowed through his veins. She and Orrin would be written up and their pay docked. The last thing she could afford was to have her pay docked.

“Hurry and get ‘em back into their containment units, Chessie,” Orrin’s tone was forceful while his voice was low. “Mebbe they won’t notice. Or mebbe we can tell ‘um they died in the unit.”

“That won’t work Orrin. They added the unit weight monitors yesterday. The units just got calibrated,” her voice held the resignation she felt. “It’s useless. I’ll file the report.”


It wasn’t a minute after she hit send on the report, the communicator on the console started beeping. She didn’t want to hit the green button, but she did.

“Ms. de Marco?” asked Silas.

“Yes, this is she,” she answered, albeit reluctantly.

“I see from the report, your team lost a little under a gross of cockroaches,” he said. His voice held neither disapproval or approval.

“Yes sir. That’s correct,” she said. “It was my fault, sir. Mr. Abernathy bears no fault.”

“I noted that on the report as well,” he stated.

“It’s the truth,” she said emphatically. “Although Orrin helped me when I tried to get them back. They ran, sir. We couldn’t catch them.”

“The loss of the gross will cost the company just under $10,000 dollars, Ms. de Marco. How do you propose to rectify this situation?” Silas asked her.

“Well, I’ve given it some thought, sir. I would be willing to be docked half pay and work over time for the remaining portion,” she suggested.

“Acceptable,” Silas told her. Again, no inflection in his voice to indicate emotions running one way or another. “Computer please note the date and time of the agreement.”

“Agreement noted and entered,” a chipper female voice acknowledged.

“Will that be all sir?” she asked miserably.

“Yes. Good day,” Silas sign off. The communicator beeping one long beep to indicate the call was over.

“Crap,” she cursed.

“Doan worry, Chessie. I kin share my rations. I know you need ‘em,” Orrin offered.

“This can’t go on Orrin. We need to figure out a way to get the overflow when we open the units,” she said.

“How kin we do that if the company hasn’t?” Orrin asked.

“The company doesn’t care Orrin,” she said. “They dock the workers pay if any of those bugs get out. So they don’t have a profit loss. No profit loss equals no motive to fix the situation.”

“I guess that’s true,” Orrin agreed.

“Well we might as well eat lunch while we think about it,” she told him.

“Alright,” he agreed readily.

Orrin hit a series of buttons. Two bowls appeared with grayish extruded paste in them. He handed one to her and kept the other for himself.

“Hot sauce?” he offered her the bottle.

She took it. While the paste was nutritious, it tasted bad.

“Thanks. I can’t stand the taste plain,” she told him. “Since I started working here. Seeing how they live, I have to put something on it.”

“I just like the hot sauce,” Orrin grinned at her. “Even if the paste didn’t taste like shit, I’d put some on there.”

She didn’t say anything in response. There wasn’t really anything to say. So they finished their meal in silence. Each lost in their own worlds. She was pretty sure they were two vastly different worlds, but still, Orrin had his moments.

He wasn’t the brightest bulb in the box, but he was funny and nice. He was real nice. He’d helped her out on more than one occasion.

“Do you think we’ll ever get anything else to eat?” she wondered out loud. “I read about all the food that didn’t survive and I can’t imagine what they’d taste like.”

“I dunno, Chessie. Mebbe someday, the ground will grow things again. Or they’ll find somethin’ sides us and the bugs survived,” he said. “Until then, at least we kin eat all we want. Working with the food gots some benefits.”

“Yeah, at least my kid won’t starve,” she said sadly. “He just won’t have much besides food for a while.”

“Naw, girl. I told you I’d help out. And I will,” he said good naturedly.

“I can’t let you do that Orrin. You’ve been helping me out too much,” she said. “Who knew taking care of the food was so difficult?”

“They’re just particular. They don’t want ‘em to get out in case some other folks start to breed ‘em too. Then if everybody could grow ‘em and breed ‘em, the company’s profits would go down,” he said in a surprising moment of insight.

“Yeah. That makes sense,” she said. “It was just easier when I work part time in the office before Eric died, you know?”

“Yeah. I do,” he patted her shoulder. “Welp, it’s time to water the little buggers. Got to keep ‘em plump so they weigh more for sale.”

“Better than feeding them,” she shivered. She hated feeding them. Hated dealing with the corpses. The cyclical nature of the how they bugs ate human corpses, getting fat and then the bugs were ground into paste to feed living humans. Well, it just kind of freaked her out. If she’d never worked in this department, she wouldn’t have it in her face. She could have pretended. But when you’re the one feeding the damn things, it was real hard to pretend.

“Now ain’t that the truth.”

“You’re right. Let’s get back to work,” she sighed. “But one of these days, I am going to figure out how to get them from one unit to another without losing any of them.”

“That’d be a good thing, Chessie. Help us both out,” Orrin grinned at her.

Micro-farming cockroaches was essential now they were the only source of protein left on Earth. Well other than humans. But no one wanted to go there. At least not yet.

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May Blog Chain

Doing AW‘s Blog chain again this month. Loads of fun.

This month’s prompt:
Dialogue Only

Make a post that is only back-and-forth dialogue, with no description or tags. As always, it may be fiction or nonfiction, prose or poetry, or any other form you care to use. If you want an additional prompt for your dialogue, you can use Wrong Place, Right Time,” but this is strictly optional.

Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you!

Dialogue Only

“Oh my god. That feel so good.”

“Does it?”

“Yes. Yes it does. I didn’t think that I would like it so much.”

“Don’t think I’m not laughing at you. I told you would like it, if you just gave it a chance.”

“You were so right.”

“Can I mark today down in my calendar as the day hell froze over?”

“You are so not funny even if you were right. No need to be smug about it, you know.”

“I’m not being smug about it. I’m just being right. For once.”

“Laughing at me isn’t helping get you out of hot water, mister.”

“No. But it is making me feel better all the way around.”

“Oh god. That’s it. That’s the spot.”

“Right there?”

“Yes. Now a little to the left. Yeeeessss, perfect. Just right there.”

“Oh, I can feel it. It feels really tight.”

“Totally. But if you keep rubbing it, maybe that’ll change.”

“I like all those little moans you make. And every once in a while you squeak like those dog toys they have at the supermarket.”

“Are you saying that you like girls who squeak?”

“No. I’m saying that I like it when you squeak.”

“Oh. Well that’s okay then.”

“I should hope so.”

“No need to be dickish is there?”

“Other than I want to be dickish? Probably not.”

“Jeez, you can be really frustrating.”

“You think I’m the one who’s frustrating? Seriously?”

“Yes, seriously. Didn’t I just say that?”

“Well, yeah. But I don’t see how you can think that. I mean, of the two of us, you are the more frustrating.”

“Says who? Did you take a poll at the local supermarket? You know, when you checked out the doggie squeak toys?”

“Um no. I just know. It’s my superior intellect brought on by me having a dick.”

“Oh using you and dick in a sentence is something I can so get behind.”

“Are you sure you want to taunt me when I have you in such a vulnerable position?”

“Oh yeah. Maybe I need to rethink my strategy on that.”

“Oh now, we’re going to be nice.”

“Well yeah. You just pointed out my precarious situation. I’m not a stupid girl. I know when to hold ‘em, when to fold ‘em and definitely when to shut up.”

“Perhaps you can decide to shut up now so I can finish?”

“I could. But where is the fun in that?”

“Are you trying to make me miss my stride?”

“You have a stride going on? How’d I miss that?”

“Obviously when you wouldn’t shut up and let me get on with it.”

“Okay man with the magic hands. Do your worst. Better yet, do your best. Get on with it.”

“I’m trying.”

“Try harder.”

“I’m going to need headphones if you keep this up.”


“Because I can’t concentrate.”

“You need to concentrate to finish this?”

“Only if you want me at my best.”

“I always want you. At your best. At your worst. All the time.”

“Now you decide to be sweet?”

“I’m always sweet.”


“Yes, really. And if you do a really really good job, I’ll show you just how sweet I can be.”

“Well, that’s some incentive.”


“Almost done. It’s not suppose to hurt. Well, not too much anyway. Let me know if I hurt you, okay?”

“I will… oh sweet baby jesus, that is fabulous.”

“If your moaning is anything to go by, yes it is.”

“You keep doing that and I’ll keep on moaning.”

“Moaning is good.”

“I thought you liked the squeaking better?”

“Squeaking is cute. Moaning is like a 5 star review.”


“Yes you do. And I’ve got you. My hands seem to really like you.”

“Well that’s good cause my body seems to really like your hands. It’s like a mutual admiration society.”

“I admire your society.”

“Not as much as I admire yours.”

“Almost finished.”


“I’m not ready for you to be done.”

“I don’t have anything else left. You’ve sapped my strength with all your tightness.”


“Yeah, oh.”

“Is it my turn?”

“To do me?”


“Well, in that case. Yes it is.”

“Okay. Turn over and I’ll get some oil.”

“Don’t use too much. We don’t want a huge wet spot on the sheets.”

“I got this. This isn’t my first rodeo, you know.”

“Okay. I’m ready.”

“T minus 2. I’m almost ready as well.”

“I can’t wait.”

“Now it’s my turn to make you moan.”

“I like this taking turns business.”

“I just bet you do.”

“We should do this more often.”

“Next time, let’s try a simultaneous mutual massage session.”

“I’m game.”

“Awesome. Now shut up and let me get down to business.”

“Alright. Shutting up now.”

“Not really shutting up if you’re still talking.”

“Oh my god. That feel so good.”

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April Blog Chain- April Fools

I’m participating in this month’s AW’s Blog Chain. We get a prompt and then have to write something. Don’t worry, I didn’t write anything smutty. lol But I did have fun writing the piece that follows. That being said, below are  the rules.

This month’s prompt

April Fools


Simply post your blog’s URL in this thread to join. Each post should be less than 1000 words if possible. Read and comment on other participants’ posts if you possibly can–they’ll be doing the same for you!

April’s Fool

She stepped around the body that landed at her feet. He didn’t get back up. The blood pooling around him might be the answer to his immobility. Not that she really cared.

The noise hit her a second before the stench. Booze, vomit and body odor. Eau de Bubba’s bar. Dirty sock smell was all that was missing. Her face carefully blank despite her disgust at being here.

She weaved her way over to the bar. The bartender gave her a chin tip.

“Tequila,” she ordered.

The tequila was delivered without salt, without lime. This wasn’t that type of bar. She was surprised the bottle hadn’t accompanied the shot glass. Because it was that kind of bar.

She took her glass and drained it. She fought the grimace. The tequila was vile, cheap and burned like hellfire.

She waved for another. It was a double shot kinda night.

She left some money on the bar next to her glass. She turned her back, resting her elbows on the bar and scanned the room. Her eyes moved until she saw the person that had drawn her here. At least the information had been good.

He didn’t see her until she started walking toward him. He went still. His face went white. Pulling himself together, he relaxed his body. It was false. She knew it was false. But still, she gave him points for the effort.

He should be scared.

“Mel,” she greeted him as if this was a social call and she was the neighborhood greeting committee.

“Lucy,” he greeted her back. His voice was almost even. But she could hear the tremor beneath the forced calm. “What brings you to Bubba’s? This ain’t your usual haunt.”

They both knew what brought her to this pigsty.

“Alice told April that you hadn’t made it over to see her even after April gave you an extension. Asked me to come find out why,” she explained her presence when it became apparent that Mel wasn’t going to say anything else.

“Well you see. I had planned to go yesterday like I was suppose to but my old lady got sick and I had to take her to the doctor and then I had a few things to take care of today and then time got away from me and then I had to meet some people here,” Mel rambled. “I was planning on going tomorrow if you want to tell Alice.”

Somehow Mel had come to the conclusion that she was there on a fact finding mission. Had he been using the small part of his brain that was left from the shit he shoved up his nose, he would have realized that she never went on fact finding missions.

Fact finding wasn’t in her job description. Hadn’t ever been. Wouldn’t ever be.

“I’ll be sure to let her know when I see her,” was all she said.

She felt the two arrive at her back. Mel wasn’t as stupid as he looked. He had somehow signaled for back up. Shit, why couldn’t this night be getting better instead of worse.

“A simple job Alice says. Won’t take you very long she says. Be in and out quick she tells me,” she muttered under her breath, repeating Alice’s earlier words.

If Alice was the brains, Lucy was the brawn. Woman could and did run these streets. And Mel had tried to avoid Alice by using April. April was soft. Alice was not.

Mel puffed up once he caught sight of his backup. “April gave me the extension. She’d give me another one.” He obviously thought she gave a shit. Or that Alice gave a shit. Whether April gave a shit didn’t matter.

“Yeah, I know,” Lucy said noncommittally. She didn’t work for April. She worked for Alice.

“Tell Alice I’ll come around tomorrow,” he told her with a touch of bravado brought on by his hired muscle.

She started to stand. Glancing into the mirror behind Mel, she pinpointed the position of the two that were supposed to have his back. Keeping her senses open to make sure they didn’t move, she got all the way up. Her body position hid Mel from the men who were suppose to protect him.

“I’ll be sure to let Alice know what you said Mel,” she said calmly. “Alice doesn’t much like looking like a fool. Going behind her back to April, well that just wasn’t smart.”

“Alice isn’t a fool,” his response was conciliatory, his hands held up.

He thought he was safe. Fool. He couldn’t have been more wrong. Just because she didn’t usually let her targets see her coming didn’t mean that it never happened. It did. Not often. But still, it happened.

She moved fast. So fast that the two behind her didn’t have time to react. She had her blade out slicing through Mel’s throat so quickly that no one without a direct line of sight would even see his head wobble. The cut so clean, his head barely moved. Just as quickly, she replaced her blade, long knife really, back in her thigh sheath. She pivoted and walked past the two guards Mel had signaled over.

As muscle went, they were a big fail. You get what you pay for. Mel was in deep to Alice. He didn’t have a lot of cake left over to pay anyone. He had obviously gotten exactly what he paid for.

What a fucking waste. All of it.

“No, April’s the fool and now so are you,” she finally responded softly as she walked away.

In her head she counted it down as she strode to the door. “3…2…1…

“Hey,” someone called out. She’d bet it was either dufus one or dufus two. Right on time. But really, it was already too late.

“Hey…” the closing door cut off the rest.

One down, April to go.


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