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Today starts the blog hop. It runs from August 15th through the 17th. Visiting more blogs means more chances to win a Kindle Paperwhite and other author swag given away by both Rebel Ink Press and the authors whose blogs you visit. The more blogs visited, the more chances you have of winning really COOL stuff. Plus, you get to read some cool blog entries written especially for the blog hop AND to learn about some awesome authors and the stories they’ve written. Don’t believe me? Well, read my entry below.  Just past my blog entry, you will find some tidbits about my Rebel Ink Press release, HOME RUN. Then scroll all the way down to find the button for the Kindle Paperwhite Giveaway and links to the other authors on the SUMMER LOVIN BLOG TOUR!

This is my first Blog Hop so I will be giving away a $25 Victoria’s Secret gift card to a lucky comment winner. I will choose a random commenter as the winner after the last day of the Blog Hop . It will be in the form of an e-gift card, so I will contact you and/or announce who the winner is the next day. So check back once the Blog Hop is over. Check my home page for the announcement. It is also possible, if I get a wild hair, for me to give a copy of the book to someone as well. Again, check back on the home page. How much more exciting can I make my first blog hop?!?!?!


Summer Love

Or is it the love of summer? Summer always brings to mind hot, hot days and sultry nights. Watermelon and cookouts and beaches and vacations. No matter how old I get, summer always makes me feel like I’ve been let out of school and the vastness of all the time and sunshine are just waiting for me to explore. Visits to relatives bring memories of hangin’ out my cousins and aunts and uncles and just being free to be me. Cause I don’t need to hide or make excuses for the craziness that is my family cause they ARE my family, ya know?

Summertime was when I said good bye to my first real crush as a young girl, even before I knew what crushes were all about. Summer was also the season I met my husband as well. So my first love and my final love are forever intertwined with summer.

The first date I had with my husband was a picnic at a huge park. Fried chicken, cheese, grapes and ice cold beer. Yes, I remember the menu even though it’s been more years than I care to count and there have been a gazillion other things that I’ve forgotten since that time. It makes me smile to remember how he took off his shoes and waded into ice cold water to pick a flower for me. It was silly and oh so romantic- it still makes me smile and swoon just a little.

So as much as summer is about love, I love summer too. Lazy reading of books, hanging out my girls and the smell of lilacs in the air. I yearn for summer in the winter and I am as giddy as newlywed when the first flower in my yard blooms. I can’t wait for the endless days and it makes me sad when summer draws to an end. Summer still means love to me. It still means vacations and free time and being outside. And no matter how many summers I live through, I want it to last just a little longer, come just a little sooner, and smell of sunshine and happiness and freedom and joy.

Summer was when I met my forever love, afterall.

Home Run

Home Run was released by just this month. It’s a sweet AND hot sports romance about two people who don’t have to take care of little kids, but do anyway. A chance meeting doing good deeds and their lives are changed much in the same way they change the lives of others. Making wishes come true… for others and themselves. And it’s only $2.99.


Barnes & Noble


Daniela Sinclair is a trust fund baby who believes she can make a difference in the world by making the wishes of sick children come true. Noah Barker is a major league baseball player from a common background who agrees to fulfill a sick child’s wish. Together they burn up the sheets. Unfortunately, they also cause a family member to burn in anger. In a stunning case of betrayal, the home run ending they both envisioned is threatened and they teeter on the brink of striking out.


The snippet is racy- so BE WARE!

Chapter One

“Put your hands on the wall,” he told her. “Don’t turn around.”

At first she was startled. No one had been in the hallway. No one had been in the room. She was alone. At least she thought she was.

“And if I don’t?” she asked.

“Saucy,” he said. “Well, you know what happens to bad girls, don’t you?”

“Maybe. Tell me and I’ll decide if I want to be good or bad.” He couldn’t see the small smile that played on her face.

“Oh, you’ll want to be good. I have a feeling you’ll like what good girls get.” He punctuated his words with a brief touch of his groin against her ass.

She shivered. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” his voice was close to her ear, the breath whispering by, igniting her sense of want. He bit down gently. Her ear was delicate like everything
about her. His hands slide down the sides of her body, capturing her skirt then his hands slid up. Only this time, his hands held her skirt.

Just the nearness of him and she was ready to explode. She’d been dripping from his first words, his first touch.

She didn’t know it could be like this.

One hand rose to capture her breast over her clothes. It was frustrating. So very frustrating when what she really wanted was his hands on her bare flesh.

That thought disappeared the moment his other hand slipped into her panties.

He purred his approval when he felt how much she wanted him. If she wasn’t with him, she was thinking about him. Plotting when they could be together again. It scared her how much she anticipated when they could be together again.


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  1. Melissa Keir says:

    The book sounds amazing. Congrats on your release!

  2. Tia says:

    Sports and Romance! What’s not to like!!


  3. joe hawkshaw says:

    The book sounds awesome cannot wait to read it and thanks for the great giveaway

  4. nora snowdon says:

    great post and excerpt. yup, racy is good. congrats on your release!

  5. BookAttict says:

    Home Run sounds like a great read!

    Thanks for the amazing excerpt & giveaway!
    elizabeth @ bookattict . com

  6. Tina B says:

    Sexy excerpt! It sounds like a wonderful read.

    I am fortunate as I live in Florida and have summer practically year round. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing and for the fabulous giveaway.

    trb0917 at gmail dot com