Stalking Is Not Okay and Other Shit You Need to Know

Yeah, I said it. For fuck’s sake, ya’ll. Stalking is not okay. Never. Not ever. Not at anytime.

And it doesn’t matter if you have a penis or a vagina or both. It’s STILL not okay.

And don’t tell me what the person did that you think warranted your whacked out, crazy-assed stalking behavior. I just don’t fucking care. Stop whining about how the blogger was dressed. Or whether the blogger was asking for it. Or maybe the blogger made a suggestive remark. Yes, I know I am using the hell out of a hyperbole, but shit. Does it sound any better using the real “actions” of the author to justify borderline criminal behavior? Seriously? Haven’t we gone beyond the shaming of the victim to see if maybe the fucking criminal had a reason to do what they did? SHUT THE FUCK UP about victim behavior.

I don’t care if the blogger danced naked in the street screaming she hates the author’s book. I don’t care what the blogger’s action were, bad or otherwise AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T RISE TO THE LEVEL OF A CRIMINAL ACT- it still doesn’t justify being a stalker, singling someone out to be stalked. And in this case, all the blogger did was blog about a book she was reading on a reading forum. And oh yeah, the blogger used a pseudonym like MANY other people. For this she gets stalked at her work, at her home.

Can we say fucking bat-shit CRAZY, boys and girls? I mean, who does that? Umm, yeah crazy pants people.

I tweeted about this. Only to let any potential stalkers know… I have guns. I like guns. I like to shoot the guns I have. I will defend my home and my children from crazy-assed bitches who don’t understand things like boundaries and laws and reasonable behavior.

Don’t like something I said online. Disagree with me online. Don’t being that shit to my door. You won’t like what you find on the other side. Like my double barrel 12 gauge shotgun. And me not afraid of using it. Just sayin’.

Given the season of politics. I MUST say a few things. I just can’t help myself. And if I alienate your ass because you don’t agree with something I say, cool. You won’t alienate me by saying shit I don’t agree with. Cause I believe we all should talk and express diverse viewpoints, and I think its important not to have homogeneity in thought. Otherwise, its gets kinda creepy having us all have one collective thought. Didn’t someone say that I might not agree with what you say but I’ll defend to the death your right to say it? Yeah, that.

So, here goes. If you tout yourself as pro-life, but the ONLY life you really care about and vote on is the one you think might be living in another person… you might not care about life at all. Cause if you did, you’d be voting to increase medicaid and head start and WIC. You’d have already adopted an unwanted child. You’d be voting to outlaw the death penalty. You’d be working to end war. You’d be working to make sure EVERYONE has access to the best medical care and stem cells and other technological advances that make lives better or richer or fuller. In other words, you’d ACTUALLY care and do something about the human lives ALREADY here, not spend all your energy on ones that might or might not be in the future. If you’re really pro-life, you’d be working to make life awesome for those of us already alive.

If you vote based solely on party lines, you are doing disservice to our country, to your neighbors and to yourself. If after consideration you find in your heart you are all liberal or all conservative, then cool. But do a little thinkings, a little researching, a little talking. Most people I know aren’t all conservative or all liberal. They are a mix. And they didn’t know it until they started really evaluating their position. Take me for example. I’m across the spectrum. On some things I’m liberal. Others I’m conservative. Most things, I’m moderate. That’s just the way my idealogical views pan out when I think about individual issues or certain topics.  I’m not ashamed of my viewpoints and I have good reasons for them. Do I think that I have the corner on good reasons for doing shit? Umm, yeah no. I don’t. And I know it. See how, this allows for others to also have divergent viewpoints? Try it out sometime. You’d be surprised. I’ve even changed my mind about shit after new evidence was presented. This means that I like to think. I hope that at some point we ALL can say that we like to think.

If you are against government intrusions and you think voter IDs are good, you’ve been brainwashed. Voting isn’t just a fundamental right. It is the one right upon which all other rights, our country and everything else we do as Americans is built upon. Think about that. The right to vote might be, and is in my opinion, the most important right we have as a free people. Period. To liken that shit to driving, or getting liquor and shit or some other stupid “privilege” we’ve conferred through laws is not only stupid but undermines the franchise given to us by the right to vote. I’m going to go so far as to to say the right to vote is the only thing that makes us citizen in fact. We are only the PEOPLE because we have the right to vote. End of. Stop trying to disenfranchise motherfuckers because you don’t like the language they speak, the country they’re from or the color of their skin. Just stop it. Do not use the right to vote as a shield for your racists and prejudicial thoughts, beliefs and behaviors. Just fucking stop it.

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