Smutty Sunday 6/2/13


Gonna do something a little different for my smutty sunday recs this time. Normally, I try to give recs in various genres so that there’s a little something for everybody instead of just for the smut and smex readers.

But I got an advance copy of Kristen Ashley‘s book Fire Inside, her second Chaos Novel from Netgalley. It rocked. Seriously great reading. But before I go into all the reasons why this book rocked, I have to let you know that it is really the third Chaos novel. And we have to talk the the first two before we can talk about this one.

The first Chaos novel was Motorcycle Man. It was the last of her Dream Man series and probably my favorite in that series. It wasn’t my favorite because there were hot dudes on motorcycles. Although, that fact did add to its overall goodness. It was good because the characters in the book were great. I like Tack. And I like Tyra. I would want to know them in real life. They were interesting people living out an interesting life. Sure they had some shit to overcome. That’s called plot. This book also introduced me to the Chaos Motorcycle Club dudes. And what fascinating dudes they were. What I really like most about this book though was that Tyra had her dream life planned out. And she was going to go for the brass ring. She wanted it all, she let people know and then she made it happen. She didn’t want to compromise any component in that dream. She didn’t. Tack was her dream man. He was also good with giving her all the components of her dream life. So it all turned out good but it went bad before it could get there.

The second Chaos book was Own the Wind. It is the first in the Chaos series. It is about Shy and Tabitha. They had secret crushes on each other. Hid those feelings which brought other lovers into their lives. Were enemies at one point and then became friends. It wasn’t until much later they became lovers. Full circle. I didn’t like this book as much as Motorcycle Man or Fire Inside. But it was still a good read. You can’t like all books to an equal degree cause it is just impossible. some you just like more than others. The female character in this book wasn’t one I connected with as well as the other two. So there you have it. I gotta think the dude it hot. But I also have to like the girl. I liked Tab, I just didn’t like her enough. If you see what I mean.

Now, we get to Fire Inside. This is Lanie and Hop’s story. Hop is a Chaos brother and Lanie is Tyra’s best friend. Lanie’s old boyfriend, Elliot, got killed in Motorcycle Man. Lanie has taken years to come back to herself. Hop has been there watching it. They are attracted to each other. But it isn’t until Lanie propositions Hop that they get together. There’s drama in this book. But it’s the good kind. Where there’s personal growth, facing demons and becoming a bigger person. Living large instead of getting by small. I really liked Lanie. I really, really like Hop. And I really liked Fire Inside. Get it cause you’ll be rooting for Lanie. But you will be totally cheering for Hop. I liked the girl character in this book as much as I liked the guy character. So buy it and love it like I did.

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