Smutty Sunday 5/26/13

Okay smut readers extraordinaire. Here are some reading recommendations. In no particular order.

Eric Flint has a series about the Ring of Fire in which a group of people with in the zone- the ring of fire, are all thrown back in time. Lots of history to go along with the whole time travel concept. It is a brilliant read. Brillant.

Next month Nalini Singh is going to have her last Psy-Changeling book in her series come out. It is 11 books of goodness. And I am waiting with bated breath to read this last one. I have read all of the others and they are fab-u-lous. Seriously rocking good reads.

For all you 50 shades fans out there, Sylvia Day has written her Crossfire series and they are so good, so magnificent, I don’t let myself think about the fact that the series isn’t going to be finished for another year or so. If i think about it, I might cry.

I usually try to get in a nonfiction book. But this time, I am going to recommend a nonfiction topic. Go to your local bookstore, it is better if you can find a good used bookstore, and find books on something you want to learn about. I just bought a bunch of books on tea ceremonies. The ones I have are in regards to Japanese tea ceremonies. But I also plan to get books about English tea ceremonies as well. And recipe books that go along with this subject. It behooves us all to keep learning new things. Trying new things out. Stepping outside out comfort zone and opening our minds. Pick something, flower arranging, watercolor, etc. Get some how to books, or books about its history or something like that. It’s kinda fun.

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