Smutty Sunday 10/13/13

Changing it up a little bit again. Instead of genres or specific books, I thought I ‘d do an author recommend and mini spotlight. Not on the authors, but on their books. The more I thought about doing reviews today, the more these two names kept popping up in my mind. Elizabeth Hunter and Thea Harrison.

They write about similar things. Kinda. But their writing styles are vastly different. I love them both. For each, I like a particular series of books and tolerate the others in the authors stables. But even for the books that aren’t my favs, they rock. Really good writing, decent editing and tight storylines. Both authors have things to share that are really good things. Their worlds are worlds I like and want to be a part of.

Elizabeth Hunter and her Elemental series of books are a bundle of goodness just wrapped in a book looking package. I love vampire stories. I love original stories. I lurve original vampire stories. LURVE. Can I say <3 enough times? I don’t think so. Her vampire lore is stunning.

She has other books, a shifter series which is slowly coming forth, and a contemporary with an unusual twist. Nothing you read that she wrote will disappoint you. It’s just that some things delight slightly more than others. If I had to choose, I be all about the Elemental series. But  no place is the wrong place with her books.

Thea Harrison’s Elder Races books are so lush, so epic, I can’t gush enough. Again, awesome world building. Just awesome. the depth of some of these characters is amazing. And my favorites are the first book and the one about the Vampire Queen. LOVE those two the mostest. The others were good as well. But the interesting storyline for the first book really grabbed my attention. And the way paradoxes was handled in the vampire queens books was fabulous.

Thea started another series as well. It was interesting. But nothing close to the caliber I’ve found in the Elder Races series. But then again, it could just be a young serious and the superlayers won’t show up until later.

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