Six Pack Stud-A-Thon Blog Hop and Giveaway

Six pack Stud-a-thon

Welcome to my Blog. And Thank You for participating in this blog hop. I hope you have a lot of fun and win some GREAT prizes!

I’ve always been an admirer of the male form. But it wasn’t until I started writing romances that I truly appreciated it in all its glory. I follow some great photographers on Facebook, both on my author page and on my personal page.Some do both fitness and fashion, while others focus on one or the other. What they have in common is the absolute clarity they bring to the human form. The male form, umm, cause I like dudes, yo.

I knew the human body was sensual and seductive. A veritable delight for the senses. But to see that shown with such skill is amazing. But skill alone doesn’t create all this goodness. Oh no. The owners of the bodies themselves are to given a LOT of credit. Because without these beautiful bodies as the foundation, incredible photographs that allow me to perv wouldn’t exist, couldn’t exist. And yes, women perv. Seriously. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. If they do, they’re lying. Totally lying. As a red-blooded heterosexual woman, I can attest that I like nothing better than a fit male body.

I was going to talk about a specific model or male body I though was fab-u-lous. But as I started trying to pick out just one, I couldn’t do it. I pick and choose the models I think are perfect for the story I’m currently working on. As a result, my choice in perv material changes– from day to day, minute to minute, story by story. Plus, if I chose just one, I felt bad about leaving out others. So instead, I picked up some pics without faces. Not because I think that all a man is good for is his… ummm… body… part… ummm… like his… *whistles as I think*… six-pack. Yeah, that’s the body part I’m thinking about. 😀 But really it’s that line on either side of the abs. You know–the V line– that leads to all things good in this world. Yum-frickin’-O. And let’s not forget the double veins that traverse that same direction right below the belly button. OMFG, I have this thing for veins. I must… MUST… lick them. Want to nibble compulsively. I think I have a vein issue or fetish or something because it drives me wild. Mad, even.

So in honor of all the male fitness and fashion models, who worked so hard to have such nice abs to look at, I’m giving away an ebook copy of OPEN ROAD. It first came out in the Hot Bods, Hot Rods anthology through Jupiter Gardens Press this past July. Come September 26, 2013, however, it will offered as a standalone novelette. It is a short story about three individuals who weren’t expecting each other. And it is the introduction to their lives together. Zoe starts out as a motocross racer and becomes a stunt woman. Deke and Nathan are bounty hunters. This story is about how they meet, with more stories to come. Because, one stunt woman and two hot bounty hunters in a menage as they hunt down criminals is too good to stop when they met. They story has to continue. And it will.

So… in addition to the grand prize you  are eligible for by clicking on the Rafflecopter link below, if you leave me a comment about your favorite male body part or anything else, you can get a ebook copy of OPEN ROAD and read as  Zoe, Deke and Nathan meet. I’ll announce a winner after the blog hop ends. Make sure to leave me you email addy and what format you want.

Also, don’t forget to check out the other blogs listed below for a chance to win other great prizes. Seriously, it should be fun for everyone. I mean, prizes and hot, hard men and their six pack abs at multiple sites? Come on now… it just doesn’t get any better than that!

Grand Prize

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11 Responses to Six Pack Stud-A-Thon Blog Hop and Giveaway

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  2. Trix says:

    Sounds fantastic (I hope it’s m/m/f, but either way it’ll be fun)! I always noticed the fellas, but I think being an art history major made me much better at scoping. Nothing like an academic excuse for pervin’!

  3. Iris says:

    Book sounds great!


  4. I like the eyes. The different look in them that can give me a idea of what is on his mind. Doubt, playful, pride, mischief, arrogant and so much more. It is like reading a living book where you can play into the outcome. Thank You for a chance to win.

  5. Pam says:

    I always notice a guy’s hands first.

    pjmillion (at) comcast (dot) net

  6. The book sounds great! I look at a guy’s eyes first.

    lumanesce AT gmail DOT com

    ePub format please

  7. Julianne says:

    The thing I like is the complete package! I couldn’t just pick 1 part. I like a nice tight butt in jeans, super hard abs, muscles, eyes and the bulge in the front. 🙂
    luvfuzzzeeefaces at yahoo dot com

    pdf please

  8. bn100 says:


    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  9. Lisa B. says:

    The eyes and lips grab my attention first.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  10. Sherry S. says:

    I love a nice tight ass.
    sstrode at scrtc dot com

  11. Jessica B says:

    My favorite male body part would be his abs and tush. But the first thing that catches my attention would be the hair and the eyes. Thanks for being a part of the hop and I hope that you had a great weekend!
    jessangil at gmail dot com