Saturday Snippet

Got a small little snippet today. It’s from one of the pieces I’m working on right now. I debated from which work I was going to snag a snippet. But in the end, I couldn’t do Homecoming because I’m gonna do one when it releases next week. And I want to wait to do more snippets from Hat Trick until closer to its release. I’ve done several FarSeen ones already, as well as Home Run and Open Road. Soooooo, that left me with the choice between no snippet today because of the release next week, or the one I decided to put in this post.

Guess which option won out. 😉

Here’s my disclaimer: The snippet below is still  a work in progress. Little, no or substantial changes could be made to it before it sees the light of day. Also, it is unedited.


“You know it’s gonna be a bad day when you show up and people are dead,” she laughed. But it wasn’t really a laugh laugh. It was more like she was trying to laugh and not being very successful at it.

Bad jokes just fell from her mouth when she was stressed. It was totally an inappropriate response. She knew it. She couldn’t help it. Some people giggled inappropriately. Some people did other weird ticks or mannerisms. She told shitty jokes. She wasn’t a good joke teller in the best of times. When bad shit happened, her skill level didn’t increase by any stretch of the imagination.

Did she know when she arrived for the shoot today it was going to be a crappy day? She didn’t think so. Otherwise, she would’ve turned around and gone back home. But she hadn’t so it must’ve meant her day hadn’t been going bad up until that point.

But at some point up to and including finding one of her stunt co-workers dead in the trailer, well that would allow one to classify the rest of the day as fairly shitty. By most people’s definition of that word anyway.

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