Road Trips Rock, Gas Prices Suck

Went on a road trip this past week. It’s been a LONG time since I got in a car and drove across the country, or even a small part thereof. I’d forgotten how cool it was to travel on the highways. Not the steering wheel grabbing part as I cuss out other drivers on the road, but the see the country and explore at a leisurely pace kinda of way.

It helped that I stopped in on family and friends. So without real solid dates, I endeavored to make a few stops and enjoy being the captain of my own ship, so to speak.

My road trip was preceded by a week of an awesome stay in New Orleans. Sheesh, I’d forgotten how much I  love that city. I haven’t been back since Katrina hit. And I was expecting more devastation than I saw. Which was good. But I suspect I just hadn’t driven into the parts that had been hardest hit. One of these days, I’ll go back and explore the more hidden parts, the less touristy ones.

I used to live in New Orleans. It was awesome. New Orleans is THE place to be if you’re a college student of any level. There’s lots to do and lots to see. Plus, the atmosphere of laissez le bon temps roulez was most excellent to help a person come into their own, albeit in a circuitous route that led down Bourbon Street on many a night. Still, I couldn’t have asked for a more relaxed community. Not to say there aren’t some under layers to the city. There are. Lots.

N’awlins was a mid-way point in my trek. A long resting spot that proved to be less than restful. Not that I’m complaining. I’m not. Just saying. 🙂 Instead of going west, I headed east from there. And not a little south. Florida was my next destination. I spent  four days there. I hadn’t really explored Florida, except right along the south beaches off I-10. Going down into the boot was vastly different. For one thing, the plants ROCK. It smelled so good. All those tropical and sub-tropical flora made the air redolent with sensuous scents. Hah, now I’m all waxing poetic and shit. Seriously, though, I hadn’t smelled air that sweet since I’d last visited Hawaii. Yum!

To say I really enjoyed the trip would be an understatement. I think I might plan a road trip every summer. I know. I know. That is totally not green. But whatever, dude. I did drive a hybrid car on this road trip and probably will plan to do so again. But no matter how imminent the shortage of petroleum might be, I am so willing to burn up a week or three in giving myself the happies. Ya know?

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4 Responses to Road Trips Rock, Gas Prices Suck

  1. Zoe X. Rider says:

    I wish I’d taken the time to drive through the 9th Ward and some other places. It still looked pretty rough in 2007—lots of FEMA trailers, lots of blue tarps, still a whole lot of spray painted markers on the fronts of houses. Stuff you don’t see from the French Quarter.

    I love road trips. I’d rather drive than fly any day.

    • D.R. Slaten says:

      I think I avoided going where I knew the damage would be greatest and still visible. Mostly selfish of me because I just wanted to see the good.

      I’d take car travel over air travel anyway of the week. lol

  2. I would have LOVED to have taken that drive with you! We could have had a blast – 😉

    I am sure it is just the same in the 9th Ward and other places. It seems our government’s main focus was sweeping it under the rug and feeding us “forget about it” pills….. so sad.

    • D.R. Slaten says:

      The road trip was awesome. I really forgot just how much I liked being on road in a car as the captain of my own ship. lol Maybe I have a little control issue thing going on. 🙂

      I wanna go back to look so I’m not like the government and others who look at the French Quarter but nowhere else.