Random Thoughts

Can’t do a focused post today cause well my brain isn’t real focused. Holy schmoly.

I’m having a party tomorrow night. I don’t want a party. But I got one.  It’s sad when all you want to do is work. And having people over isn’t what you want at all. Totally antisocial of me I know but whatever. I am into my writing right now and I need to ride the wave. I will deal cause that’s what I do. But I am coming up with scenarios to get rid of people as they walk up to my door. lol Broken water mains, diseases that need quarantine. You get the idea. Evil little mini movies that are playing in my head.

I know I bitched about how cold it was. But sheesh, can I have a few warm days that aren’t scorching BEFORE we get to the scorching days? You can’t take me from 35 degrees F to 85 degrees F in one day. It is cruel. It is unusual. It is punishment. I literally changed my thermostat in my house from heat to cool in one day. The temperature variant was CRA-CRA.

Stop letting your frickin’ dogs poo in my yard. I will follow you, find as much dog poo as I can and put all that shit into YOUR yard with a sign that tells everyone that YOU let your dogs randomly poo in my yard when you take little Fido or big Cugo on a walk. You should be BANNED from being able to take walks. Seriously. Bring a frickin’ bag. It’s not hard. Yes ,I know it is gross to walk with your dog and a bag of poo. But it is so much grosser to find random dog poo piles in your yard. Really. I promise. Way grosser. Way.

My laptop needs a new battery. Umm, aren’t they supposed to last foreva? When I was sold the laptop, we never discussed replacing my battery. NEVER. I should have been made aware that laptop batteries don’t last forever. Just in passing maybe. Say something like hey, you’re gonna need to replace the battery after a while. I would have been all cool. The crazy thing? I rarely use the battery at all. I am normally plugged in cause I like high performance mode and I like a constant power supply. So the fact that I need a new battery is ridiculous. And that it’s $120 bucks is also ridiculous. I am outraged at the price.

I had a cocktail last night. I wondered about the word cocktail. Now does it mean that get a girl drunk and the cock (that would be a guy) will get tail (that would be a girl)? Or does it mean that get a dude drunk and he will strut around as if he’s a cock with a tail? Cause the word has no bearing on the drink being drunk. There was no cock in my drink. There was no tail in my drink. It doesn’t vaguely or outright resemble either a cock or a tail. I guess I could google the word and see its history but it is so much more fun to make fun of the word. And I gotta say, it was WAY more fun to have drank a drink but not be drunk and ponder weird words. lol

That is all.

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4 Responses to Random Thoughts

  1. HA! An excellent and humorous post. AND a great observation on the word cocktail!

    (HistorySleuth from AW)

  2. DR Slaten says:

    Thanks Cindy!!! I think trying to think when you drink makes weird/funny/strange thoughts run through your head. lol At least it does mine. Okay, maybe that says something about my brain on alcohol. 😉

  3. T says:

    Well that’s why your battery went out so fast- you always have it plugged in. I don’t know the exact details of why, but that’s actually worse on your battery. Your supposed to fully charge then let run low on it own. “Overcharging.” 🙂

  4. DR Slaten says:

    Ha T- is there a way I can disconnect the battery while I have it plugged in? Cause I only use the battery very infrequently. I usually just sit at home and type all my crap, uummm…ermmm…ummm, materpieces. lol