Random Thoughts 10

Today is the day after Halloween. It’s November 1st. All Saints Day. And the first day of Nanowrimo. That’s right, it’s National Writing Month. In honor of it, I added a cute little graph in the sidebar to measure my progress for this month. However, November being national writing month overshadows a larger reality. At least for me and probably several other writers out there. November isn’t the only month I track daily word counts or have a monthly target word goal. So while I put up the progress cartoon because it’s cute and I do want to support all those authors who are participating in Nanowrimo, it’s an every month kinda thing for me. And not to give you the wrong impression, I didn’t sign up at the official website either. Like I said, this is more in support of, than a try to do. My life is just like that.

Making chocolate martinis tonight. Just kinda feeling like it. In fact, I did a general shopping trip to the liquor store to stock up on the things like Kahlua, vanilla vodka and grappa. All for mixing into drinks. Like my chocolate martini. I got the grappa to make some cafe correttos after dinner. I’ve been missing them since the last time I was in Italy. Since I have an espresso machine, might as well make some for myself. If the drink turns out nice, I put up a recipe. I’ve been drinking the lemon drop recipe I put up a few months back all summer. Maybe it’s time to switch up on the drinks.

I’ve been reading or hearing about a rash of teen suicide. It makes me so sad. We are failing out kids somehow, in some fundamental way. There is nothing more tragic than a young life lost. Seriously. I am at a loss as to what to do. But I talk to my teen and I hope that somewhere along the line, mine know there are a vast array of answers to any one problem. Life isn’t like a math equation. It doesn’t just have one solution. I guess we start at home and then radiate out from there. But still, it is sad. Really fucking sad.

I want a EMP weapon that only takes out cars. I am sick of all the frickin’ people in all the cars driving here and there, zipping around like where they’re going is important. It’s not. We’re ants in a vast colony of workers. Take away the cars and we’d have to limit the distances to be traveled. How nice would it be to not have so much traffic on the roads? Bliss, I tell you. Bliss.

That is all.

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