I hate hashtags, formerly known as the pound sign, in the title of a post. I get that it’s all about the marketing, but I still don’t like it. It bothers my eyes, the aesthetics bother me on some deeper level. So I was hesitant to put it into my title. I mean, hypocritical much? I decided to do it, anyway. Because NaNoWriMo deserves its own hashtag. And more importantly, I think it merits having it in the title of this post. It’s a judgment call. My judgment, that is. Which is all that matters on this blog. Umm, cause it’s mine.

By: David

This is the first year I’ve officially signed up for NaNo. Past years, I just wrote along with everyone else keeping score alone. I decided to do something different this year. Because I needed it. And signing up all official like, and posting this on my blog all announcement like, screams commitment. And will make me finish what I’ve started. Because I’ve been trying for a while now. And it hasn’t been working out so well. Or at all. There’s something about telling your commitment in a public forum that seems to make one finish those undesirable tasks.

NaNo is a worthwhile endeavor, all on its own. But as a tool to help one press further, faster, or just past a hurdle, is invaluable. A godsend, if you want to get technical. Brought to me on the wings of dozens of dead writers who are now angels of inspiration to all those of us left to toil with words on the earth. THAT’S how technical I mean, bitches. God and angels and shit.

If you’re at all on the fence about NaNo, go sign up. Be a joiner and then add me as your friend because I have none at the moment. Help me out, y’all. In the process, you might find that you’ve helped yourself out even more. By making you finish that damn book. If I yell loud enough about November being National Write your Damn Book Month, would that help as well? I dunno, but it sure does make the jiggles feel better after I scream a little. Ha. If you’re like me and STARTING something isn’t the problem, but finishing is… do NaNo. If not, just tune in periodically as I do NaNo. You can have a front seat to me pulling out my hair. And hopefully, but the end of the month, you’ll also see a finished product.

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