Music Mondays

Starting out the week can be hard. After the laid back weekend, being a work week is for most people, me included, a craptastic thing to do. But I think that music can make anything better. So in my quest to find a way to make Mondays better, I decided to start the work week with a song or two.

Yesterday I went shopping for some trees for my yard. I no longer live in a housing development that is regulated by a homeowners association, which is GREAT. But I do live in a city that has pretty strict regulations about how many trees have to be in my yard. I will take the tree regulation over the crazy homeowners association Nazis any day of the week. I got two apple trees cause I love apples. they are dwarf trees so they will not grow as big a regular apple trees. And I had to buy two because they aren’t self-pollinating. The bees in my areas haven’t been decimated by whatever is going on with bees in other parts of the country so I am GRATEFUL for that. The bees will pollinate my trees and I will hopefully have apples. Not expecting them this year but maybe next year I will get a small crop of them.

I also got two cherry blossom trees. Because they are a big deal where I live now. We even have cherry blossom festivals and the like. So I decided to get in the spirit and get a couple for my yard.  Again, I am hoping that next year my trees will bloom as the festival gets underway. Like they belong to the group of other cherry blossom trees.

Not wanting to stop there and because I had 5 trees die last year, I picked up a red leaf maple as well. I wanted my tree leaves to have some variety. Green leaves, yellow leaves and red leaves now adorn my yard. And I don’t mean for fall when all the tree leaves naturally change color. But during spring and summer as a natural part of their foliage costume. I did this because one of the things I really like about fall is the changing color of the leaves. But I wanted it for the whole growing season. And with the different types of trees available that have different color leaves, it totally is.

So how does this all tie into music you ask. Well, as I was browsing different green houses and tree farms yesterday, they had music piping through the area. And some oldies but goodies were playing. It made shopping for trees that much more fun. And what should be playing but some Red Hot Chili Peppers. Awesomeness right? It got my Sunday going GREAT. So I am looking at my new trees this morning and I have some RHCP playing as I look at them. Somehow as I look at my trees and listen to some music, Monday doesn’t seem so bad.

Enjoy Music Mondays.



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