Music Monday 4/15/13

Today is Music Monday. It also happens to be Tax Day. Geez, if there ever needs to be a day for music, it has tax day, yeah? Not just to help start off the week on a good note, but to help with the pain that today represents for most people. Seriously, if you don’t get your taxes done today, at least send in an extension.

I came to the whole Radiohead phenomena late. My first album of theirs that I listened to was Kid A. I loved it. It was something that was different and new. Everyone had been talking about them for a while. Radiohead was still getting used to their success. They went from virtually unknown to known in like a day. It was crazy. So for your listening pleasure, I found a youtube of Kid A.

Now the other artist that I am throwing up here couldn’t be more different from Radiohead. I have been digging on Rihanna. The first is her and Eminem, Love the Way you Lie. The video has a real young Megan Fox. The second is her new song Stay feat. Mikko Ekko. All this music is kinda sad in its own way. They have stories within them. Not all of them good. But even with taxes due today, there are some things that are even worse. Yeah?


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