Life Isn’t Sacred

And it shouldn’t be. And most of you don’t believe it really is. You might give lip service to the notion, but deep in your heart of hearts you don’t really believe in the sacredness of human life. Not really.

If human life were sacred, and that belief held by the majority, there would be no war, no abortions, no death penalty, no free choice when it comes to life lengthening medical procedures, no ability to choose to die with dignity. None of that and so much more would not exist, much less be debated. But life isn’t held as sacred by most.

And as you can see, the logical conclusion of making such a belief a real life practice is ludicrous, and kinda sad. We would all be forced to chose life even when death is preferable, and not at all against our own personal system of beliefs. And in a democratic society allowing one groups morals and beliefs about life govern every member of that society leads to gross injustice and a caricature of what morals and ethics truly should be.

Think about this, if your group can impose their ideas and beliefs on everyone else, what’s going to stop another group, which may be anathema to you and your group, from doing the exact same thing. It could happen. It has happened. So stop fucking up the country. We need rules and laws that include as many people beliefs and ideals.

Look, I get you might have strongly held beliefs about the sanctity of life. I get that. So do I. And I don’t think that your idea of what my life should look like should be any more relevant than my idea of what your life should like. That is all. And by forcing these issues legally with huge press, you are irrevocably damaging our individual abilities to remain semi-autonomous in our democracy. Think about this, if you and your religious kooky, zany friends can impose your Christian virtues on the rest of us, what’s to stop the followers of Shiva from doing the same? Or the Satanic folks? Or <insert your most hated religion/ideology here>?

You and your friends are truly fucking up America for the rest of us. Leave us alone and in peace. If you don’t agree with gay marriage, don’t get gay married. If you don’t agree with abortion, don’t get an abortion. If you don’t agree with gender equality, then live YOUR life in inequity. Et. Cetera and et. cetera Get it? Don’t stop other people from doing some shit. Just stop YOURSELF. Otherwise, I get to tell you how to live. And I’m betting you won’t like it.

The first thing I’d do is get rid of home-schooling. Jaysus, just the thought of a discrete segment our population growing up unsocialized, unable to think critically and evaluate competent theories, and just plain uneducated (don’t scream- truly conscientious parent are rare) is fucking scary. I’d get rid of YOUR ability to chose this option. Period. It hurts our country to have stupid citizens. But see how we don’t do that? Even if we think it’s fucking stupid? There are so many things I’d impose on YOUR life. So. Many.

So today, as we think about Roe v. Wade, remember children city hall has to include satanic displays as well as the Nativity now because you freaks decided to push this issue and make it a legal mandate. So thanks a fucking lot. Stop doing that. Don’t do not one other thing in the name of your religion and beliefs. You are fucking shit up for the rest of us. And we are tired of it. Tired, I tell you. You don’t understand the long-term implications of what you are doing. Obviously. Otherwise, you would’ve seen the satanic displays coming.

So stop fucking shit up, Jesus freaks. Cause you might not like the next freaks to come after you. After you paved the way for the rest of the goddamn freaks to impose their beliefs on the rest of us. I know logical thinking hurts. Let the rest of us rational, reasonable people do the thinking for you, especially if you’ve been home-schooled–please, please, please–let the rest of us do the thinking.

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