Hackers Suck

Hackers suck. They really really do.

And not because they made getting into my site a PIA. And not because they disrupted service for other blogs and websites. They suck cause they are a waste of brain space. They breath but really I don’t want to share my air with them. Cause they are about as useless as tits on a boar. In other words, they are pretty damn useless.

You see, these hackers have these mad skills. MAD. Do they come up with new cool video games? No. Do they find the next best kick ass search engine that not only rivals Google or Bing but goes beyond them in some way? No. Do they figure out how we can get the Mars rover to send us info without radio transmitters being situated every 100 miles more clearly and regularly? No. Do they come up with the program that is going to let us look in the human body and find cancer cells? No. Do they invent something that adds to quality of life, entertainment, speeds up the information access or anything that resembles something cool? No.

Nope. They come up with a program that tries to get log in info so they can go in and shit on other people’s websites and blogs. LAME.

Why is this lame? Well, cause they aren’t even breaking into cool peoples websites. Do they pick the pedophile’s blogs? No. Are they hackin’ into a cocaine cartel’s accounts? No. Are they trying to get access to foreign government’s webpages? No. (and just an FYI- I am not advocating that hackers break into our government pages- so if you’re the FBI move along. lol) Do they target those assholes who have on-going pyramid schemes that steal grandma’s retirement money? No.

Nope. They are trying to hack into sites like mine. LAME. Not because it affects me. But because I am not all that. My blog isn’t that great. I am not famous. I don’t do anything special other than write about my writing, write about what’s moving through my brain and write about random shit.

So they are LAME. Because of who they are targeting. Losers. Seriously. And they suck because in their lameness, they are bothering me. And a lot of others like me.

But I did learn a new word or word string really. Brute Force Attack. Sounds like a ninja move. Too bad it’s actually a LAME move by people who SUCK.

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