A Sunday Observation

In addition to the status post allowed by this theme, there is also a chat post. Trying that one out today.

So this week was a little hinky. Instead of random thoughts on Friday, I did a snippet. I normally do snippets on Saturday. But yesterday, I didn’t post anything to let the snippet post from Friday be at the top. I guess I could’ve pinned the post, but what fun would that be? So I did the snippet on Friday instead of Saturday because my book, FarSeen, generally released on Friday. So the snippet was in honor of that. It was a good idea. But then I was left with nothing for Saturday.

Today, instead of doing a book review of a sort, I am doing a little chat update. To let you know why I’m doing what I’m doing. lol

I have a dude that randomly walks around town and plays the tuba. It rocks. So, here I am sitting and writing, when I hear his tuba. It breaks up the monotony of my day. And I see him all over town. He walks everywhere carrying this big ass tuba and playing it for all the world to hear. I smile every time I see him or hear him. He brings a little bit of joy into my life. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t for other people as well. I also sure it brings no small amount of pleasure into his life. We all win. But mostly I do because I live in the town with the dude who plays the tuba as he walks around in random patterns. Yup, I win.

That is all.

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