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There are lot of choices in publishing today. The landscape is changing. One of the myriad of options is self-publishing your work. But don’t cut corners. Can’t stress this enough. If you self-publish, please hire an editor to edit your work. There is nothing worse than reading a good story and tripping over misspelled words and improper syntax. Just because you are doing it yourself doesn’t mean that you should do it sloppy. Like my dad always said, if you’re gonna do something, do it right the first time. Hire an editor. You’ll be glad you did. But more importantly, your readers will be glad you did.

Here is a list of several editors that you can hire to edit your work. The cost varies depending on the level of editing you wish to contract. Fade into Fantasy is editing services by Teresa, an Entangled editor. Between the Line Edits has three editors of varying levels of experience. Alphabet Editing is owned by Sarah Frantz, a Riptide editor. There are many more good editors out there. Search for them. Ask for references. Ask which other books they’ve edited. Ask your questions before you  hire them. Going the independent route necessarily costs more upfront. However, there is no reason that the cost outlay should be worthless. Due diligence on your part should help ferret out the worthless editors. Cause there’s nothing worse than spending good money on shitty service.

Lillie’s Literary Services offers proofreading services. Which is slightly different than editing services and the cost level is different as well. Erin Lark Designs offers stock and custom book cover designs to help round out the professional look and feel of your book. Take the time to search out a variety of different service to make your book the best it can be. Seriously. Google is your friend. Word of mouth is your friend.

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