“Really yummy little ménage read. I am all for a couple hotties and a snarky gal! Evie, Drew and Trent are smoking hot together!! Oh, la, the steam factor here is all about the foreplay!!! I girl just can’t get enough of that!”

– K. April Holgate: Amazon review

“I’m giving this 4 stars because it was awesome. In the story, the witch is battling against time to save her sister and others from a sinister and mysterious blood poisoning and things are desperate as time is of the essence. She has two hot hunks that help her melt the monitor (e-book yo), and help her narrow down the ground zero of where the poisonings are occurring.”

-wxmouse: Amazon review

“Hot loving…Check
Yummy alpha males…check
Smart kick ass women…check
Did I want more when I got to the end…check

– Nancy: goodread review


Taking a break from finding the cure for a magic sickness killing witches, Evangeline (Evie) Parker picks up Drew for a night of hot sex. One night is not enough, however. In strange twist of fate, Trent, Drew’s partner also comes into Evie’s life. One night is definitely not enough when two becomes three. As they come together, they realize while separately they are good, together they are great.

All Hallows Eve is the time when the cure to the magic sickness is predicted to make itself known. Combining magic and sex on that special night cures more than the magic sickness afflicting the witch community, it also cures three lonely hearts.

FARSEEN is hot and sweet in a small tasty bite. It is filled with sex magic, lit up chakras and hearts slowly opening up to each other.


Tonight was the night. She was going to get laid—have a bona fide one-night stand. Christ, it had been so long since another person had given her an orgasm. She needed one. She just needed, period.

Hot, slightly slutty dress. Check.

Killer fuck-me pumps. Check.

Blood-red lipstick. Check.

Several condoms. Check and double check.

With a last glance at her reflection in the mirror, she walked out of the door on a mission. A mission to have hot, sweaty, anonymous sex. It was on.

She glanced around the ballroom, taking in the sights and smells of people who were drinking too much, talking too loud and just trying too hard. Maybe a business cocktail function wasn’t the best place to pick up a random guy. She smirked at herself. Oh well, if she did some networking then the night wouldn’t be a total bust. So her perusal of the room went from looking for Mr Goodbar to whether she knew someone to start off the evening’s round of introductions and small talk ad nauseam.

She would need a drink for this. Disappointment always needed a cocktail…or two. Smiling, she walked to the cash bar and ordered another vodka tonic.

As she turned from the bar, her elbow struck a solid mass to her right.

“Oops. Sorry,” she murmured as her glance went from her drink to the face of the man she had just elbowed in the side.

Holy shit. He was gorgeous. Tall, blond and beautiful. Not pretty-boy beautiful, but the kind of beautiful that made a man stand out in a crowd. He had laugh lines around his mouth, kind eyes and hair that looked as if he’d run his fingers through it a time or two already. So it was the kind of beautiful that wasn’t polished, but was authentic. In a sea of plastic smiles and fake personalities, he stood out.

Thank God she had said her apologies before she had looked at his face and gone mute.

He smiled at her. “It’s no problem. I barely even felt your little elbow,” he said to her before turning to the bartender to order a Sam Adams lager. He turned back to her. “You can make it up by standing here and talking to me so I can pretend that I’m doing what my business partner wants me to at this shindig.”

“Partner drag you to this thing to put in some face time?”

“Yeah. Kicking and screaming. I hate these things. Give me a computer screen over people any day,” he said with a mock shudder. Then he held out his hand. “I’m Drew, by the way.”

“Evie. Well, Evangeline, but everyone just calls me Evie,” she replied as she placed her hand into his.

His hand was massive. Or maybe her hand was small. He brought her hand up to his mouth and kissed the backs of her fingers.

“It is truly a pleasure to meet you, Evie.” He looked directly into her eyes.

Oh my goddess. Was this gorgeous specimen of a man flirting with her? “Umm, it’s good to meet you too?”

It really wasn’t a question, but holy Batman, it had been a long time since anyone had flirted with her. Her circle didn’t show that much interest. They had all grown up together, and those who didn’t view her as a sister were scared of her power, her strength. Fragile male egos couldn’t take that she could take them down. Which she wasn’t opposed to doing, but she’d need a damn good reason.

So she had spent the last few months in relative isolation trying to figure out why the witches were getting sick. Magically sick. The few who had lived to the conclusion of the illness had gone stark raving mad and she had had to put them down.

It had hurt her heart—to strip their magic so they couldn’t accidentally hurt innocents. And once they were tried and convicted, to either kill them or bind them to an insane asylum where they pretty much killed themselves. Once a witch, male or female, got the illness, there was nothing anyone could do. It inevitably led to death in one form or another.

She had been working like mad in her stillroom trying to find a way to combat it, but without knowing the origin of the disease, the solution was not going to be easy to find. She had come up with a part herbal, part magical concoction that slowed the illness. But that wasn’t a cure. And giving victims a few more months before the disease drove them crazy didn’t help very much in all practicality. It was more of a stopgap measure. Slowing the illness gave her time to work on finding a cure. It didn’t really do much more than help her help them.

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