The 11th Random Thought Post

I was just thinking that the white light people report seeing when they die is really a worm hole to a different dimension in our universe, or maybe another universe. Who knows. All the depictions of worm holes, descriptions of them and what I can come up with to speculate that maybe as our identities, selves, souls, whatever, transforms from a combo of matter/energy synergy here in Earth to pure energy when we die. Not only the creation but also the maintenance of the worm hole would take a lot of energy as well. Maybe we see the demarcation of the line between this plane on this universe and the passage to another. Anyway, it’s just one thought. A random one at that. Thought I’d share.

I wonder if the situation in the Capitol is going to get so bad in the future that we’ll have more days of government shut down then we will of government working. Using the budget and bringing our country to a stand still is the new negotiating tactic of opposing parties, I’m not sure that America is going to come to a good end. I have a bad feeling about this. It was my first thought when the crazy tea partiers threatened to do just this. It’s still my thought.

Why do I choose to do things like a Nanowrimo follow along when I KNOW I have a problem with authori-teeee. The artificial deadline isn’t an impetus for me to work harder, faster. No, it’s more like a dare. And then me snidely responding that I don’t care about your stupid dare, I quit. And not doing shit. Cause my brain is waaaaaay screwed up. And plays games with me. So much so I tell it to shut up and put it in time out. My brain and I have an interesting relationship. And yes, I’m crazy. A special, special snowflake kind of crazy. 😉

Why does food seem more delicious, more enticing when I decide to try and lose some weight? Is this the Universe’s sick cosmic joke? I have experienced the situation where a food would not be appetizing before I decided to restrict calories in some manner will all of a sudden become mesmerizing after the decision has been reached. Seriously. Stop it. It is so not appreciated. So. Not.

That is all.

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