Smutty Sunday 4/14/13

It is Sunday again and here are a round up of books I like.

Science fiction/Fantasy winner this week is Piers Anthony’s Geodyssey series. These rock. If you’ve ever read Michener’s books and like how they are, you will like how these stories are told. Anthony starts in the way past and goes into the future. The timelines are awesome. Like a picture through time. He usually focuses on one subject and works it throughout the time period. These books delve in the why shit is the way it is and how we are screwing it up. They normally end at an apocalypse or right after. This series is not really like his other series. But they are great if you care about our world, want to think about why it is the way it is and have serious reservations about the eventual outcome of being the way we are.

Smut reading should be mandatory. I think it makes you smile. Or maybe I am the one that smiles. So this week, I have been rereading Jo Goodman. Her historicals are some of the best that I have ever read. They are spot on in historical details. And the stories are subtle and sublime. Careful word choices. Awesome characters. Vivid stories. What else could you want? I have favorites to be sure. But even still, my non favorites are still a recommend. Because they are just that good. My favorites are The Price of Desire and To Marry a Lawman.

I have been reading menage cause I have been writing menage. And Sophie Oak writes some of the best menage stories ever. There is a whole series of them in both her Bliss series and her Siren series. Just awesome really. Not many people portray menage realistically. Her books come darn close. The storylines are believable. And her characters are great. She doesn’t recycle heroines and heroes over and over again in her books. The people you met are fresh and different from the books before. It just works out that way cause she is a good writer.

For some nonfiction reading, might I recommend Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods? It is funny and wonderful storytelling even as it is nonfiction. And it is about the Appalachian Trail and hiking it. With Spring in the air, not only will the book make you laugh but it potentially could cause you to dig out your hiking shoes and see if you too can have an outdoor adventure that is both educational and hilarious. This book is laugh out loud funny. You will be giggling so much that people will stare at you if you read it in public. You have been warned.

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