Saturday Snippet: Well Played

From the forthcoming novel, WELL PLAYED, which continues the saga of Zoe, Deke and Nathan as they settle into their lives in LA. Don’t have a cover yet. And the snippet isn’t edited, so the usual caveats apply. Expect mistakes. 🙂

The questions kept coming. She kept trying to answer, but she was a little freaked out about the whole dead dude situation. It didn’t seem to matter to the cops. Obviously, it was the dead body giving the cops the something they needed to do. Part of that was asking her stupid repeating questions until she wanted to poke her own eye out with a fork.

“Look. I don’t know the dead guy well at all. We argued once last week about a scheduling error. I came in early today to do a stunt as a body double on a riding segment. I don’t really remember what I touched or didn’t touch. I was kinda freaked out. I don’t have any more answers. No, they aren’t going to change. And now I am done giving answers. Thank you.”

She was finished. No more cop questions about things she really had no clue about.

Surely they could see she had nothing to do with it.

She’d called it in for Christ sakes.

She really needed to call Deke and Nathan. She was sure this was one of those things they’d want to know. She was pretty sure this was one of those things that must be disclosed when in a relationship. She wasn’t sure, but if she were guessing she’d guess the whole going with telling would be the correct choice. If she kept quiet much longer, she would be explaining that as well.

As she thought about everything that had transpired so far in her day, she’d say it was going pretty shitty. It’s never a good thing when you find a dead body. It would’ve been bad enough just to have to deal with the cops and the paramedics and the rubber-neckers. But knowing she was going to have to try and explain to Deke and Nathan really capped off the craptastic day with just that little bit of extra. Special, really.


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