Random Thoughts Part 7

SCOTUS sketch : last day of 2012 term (Art Lien)


The Supreme Court of the United States has always been a fickle bitch. Or at least their opinions have. This past week has been no exceptions. On the one hand, they ruled legislation regarding gay marriage vis-a-vis DOMA okay. Which makes all of us cheer. Well, not those that think homosexuality is bad, bad, bad. And marriage between one man and one woman evil and contrary to the bible- notwithstanding biblical marriages of more than one person, sexual congress with handmaidens of the wives, bedwarmers, etc. And on the other hand, struck down legislation designed to keep voting districts from unnecessarily preventing minorities be represented at the state and federal levels. Which is weird since we still have racism and one of the primary ways to perpetuate institutional racism is vis-a-vis voting and elected officials. People in power tend to want to stay in power and draw districting lines in a manner to prevent minority votes from being a majority in many areas. The thing is both these issues sprung from legislation. And on the one hand, SCOTUS said legislation was okay and proper, then on the other hand said legislation wasn’t okay and wasn’t proper. So they used Congresses ability to make legislation to uphold one law and then said in the other case it wasn’t okay for Congress to make legislation. Strange. Bizarre. And totally at odds with what happened in both cases. You can’t have it both ways. Either Congress can legislate shit or they can’t.


As more time passes, more plagiarist are being ferreted out. Seriously? WTF? Teresa Mummert has a whole diagram to show how one person has plagiarized several books under various names and through various social media outlets has been promoting those sames books and/or leaving positive reviews for their alter-ego characters. Either this person grew up in a con- running family or has serious split personality disorder. Maybe both. So many books being ripped off. Get a clue. The internet which allows this to occur so easily also helps to find these stupid bastards just as easily. In the time it took for this person to set up social media accounts, upload books, leave reviews, etc., they could’ve written a book and sold it. Like an original one. But my view of plagiarist still stands. Plagiarist plagiarize because they are lazy, stupid and weak. The lights are on but nobody’s home. You can’t wash off stupid. And BTW, what this person did wasn’t smart or showed intelligence, it showed cunning. Cunning is sooooo not the same as intelligence or having an original thought. It is something vastly different. Vastly.


Wendy Davis as the nation watched on.


Watching Wendy Davis’s  filibuster in Texas against a bill which would severely curtail a woman’s right to abortion made me a little happy this week. Not only did the bill not get a chance to be voted on, it showed me again why I like democracy.  Seriously. Then the Republicans tried to lie and alter the record. But, internet is a truth seekers friend. Within moments, the real record had been screen captured and put up showing the slicky boy moves of the Republicans. Which just goes to show, ain’t nothing cheaters won’t do to cheat.  I don’t care if you are pro choice or pro life, you need to allow the most inclusive legislation so that people, especially the ones who don’t hold the same views as those in power, can express their beliefs and not be stifled. And abortion is just such an area which lends itself to this philosophy. Just because you are Christian and believe abortion is wrong doesn’t mean you get to shove that viewpoint down others’ throats. That would be like a Hindu making you not be able to kill your beef cows because they are sacred and forcing that provision into law. Or – insert religion here, forcing Jewish people or Shintoist or, or, or…to- insert a act which is vile and oppressive to Jews, Shintoist, etc. etc. etc.,  here. And then do this again for every religion under the sun. Seriously, stop the madness. Not every body believes in the same religious things as you. Make it so you have a choice to follow your beliefs as well as them having a choice to follow their beliefs. This course of action is LOGICAL. Really it is.

Conventional wisdom says I shouldn’t post controversial political views in my blog. Kiss my ass. My blog. My opinions. My voice. We don’t have to share the same beliefs. We just have to respect that we can each have ’em. No matter what. DIVERSITY- try it.

That is all.

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2 Responses to Random Thoughts Part 7

  1. susanne says:

    Interesting – some of the topics really need to be talked about. Especially the voting problems. Incredible.

    Only setback for me: the layout makes it difficult for me to read it.

    • D.R. Slaten says:

      I think they need to be discussed as well. But I am just a small fry.

      Usually when I am looking at the screen, I just hit the zoom in function. It makes it bigger. I would try to increase the font within the skin formatting, but I’m too afraid of messing up other bits of code. lol I will keep looking into how to change the font.