Music Monday 4/29/13

April showers bring May flowers. And since I can’t get the weather to cooperate, I can, at least, get the music to cooperate. Here are some songs of summer. Again, in a variety of genres. Don’t be put off because one isn’t the kind you would listen to normally. They will all make you smile. The first three have Summer in the title. The last one doesn’t. I just added it because I like it. It’s Queen Latifah from when she released her Dana Owens album. Dana Owens is her name and she can sing. The song is California Dreamin’ and it still makes me think of summer. And as an aside, I would have added Jimmy Buffett to the to the list but then I would have had to add all his songs, or most of them. 😉

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2 Responses to Music Monday 4/29/13

  1. Lucie says:

    Haven’t heard that Will Smith in decades!