Music Monday 10/28/13

Justin Timberlake, y’all. Yes, yes I know. I’m sure some of you have strong feelings about my selection for this Music Monday. Don’t care. Not a me problem. He’s been on my mind lately. Not just because he has a new album out, but also because he’s been mentioned in a trilogy I was reading. Like worlds converging, yo.

See, I didn’t use to like JT. Not at all. I had relegated him to the corner of laughable boy band personas with lip syncing capabilities, pretty boy looks and easy docility. In other words, I wrote him off. Completely.

Then one night as I was on the way to the forum. No, not really. I just always wanted to say that. It was one night. But it wasn’t on the way to the forum. It was as I was hanging out watching HBO in my bedroom that JT came on in his FUTURE SEX/LOVE tour badness. He took over the screen. And he gave a helluva performance. Which made me rethink things about him. No, I still don’t think he has a great voice. But it’s passable. What he does have is the ability to perform and put on a show and entertain us. And that’s a talent. It takes skill. Charisma. He has it. He’ll never be a great singer. But he is a good performer.

So here are a few JT selections. Two from that concert I saw on HBO and one from his latest album. Enjoy!

Love Stoned/I Think She Knows

What Goes Around


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