Internet Shopping Feeds my Shoe Addiction

I need a twelve step program for the depth of my love for shoes. I love them. I can’t get enough of them. It has gotten to the point that I have been told that before I buy another pair of shoes, I must throw out two. Being told that felt like a knife to my gut. Seriously? Throw away my shoes? Oh my god, are you frickin’ kidding me? Never gonna happen. NEVER. So I haven’t bought any shoes since that rule went into effect. Well, other than to replace shoes that get worn out or if a buckle breaks on one or if I get some as gifts.

I discovered internet shopping back in the day when I was feeding my shoe addiction. Shoes are like crack, you can’t just have one. So, I moved from going to actual stores to try them on, to perusing the internet to do my initial look-see. It works out great. Although now, with age and experience and an intimate knowledge of shoe designers sizing, I can pretty much tell if a pair of shoes is going to fit or not. Plus, places like Zappos allows you to return your shoes and get the right size. What a great concept and invention.

But the internet has done more than feed my shoe addiction, it has allowed me to branch out into other areas of consumerism and have things like wine, clothes, bedding, etc., delivered to my home. Usually at prices that are WAY better than I would find in an actual brick and mortar store. The same is not true for books however. Digital books to be exact. I can order real books for FAR less than retail price but the digital market hasn’t caught up yet. Which is a shame. I would buy WAY more digital books if the pricing were similar to what I could get from a used bookstore. It’s too bad really. Amazon, are you hearing me? Barnes and Noble, pay attention!!!

I am able to get wine from Wine Woot,, clothes from places like Hautelook, Gilt and Ruelala at a deep discount, sporting goods from Steep and Cheap, but I can’t get discounted ebooks. Seriously? The problem with that is I can buy real books for far less. Which do you think I am likely to do? It’s a bad business practice to keep the price of digital books so high after the initial offering. Something has to give if used books can be had for so much less. I know. I internet shop a lot.

Books and Shoes and really everything should be able to be had on internet for much lower prices than you can find at brick and mortar stores. Everyone who buys things knows this. It has to do with lower overhead. Much lower. So get with the program because I would LOVE to say that books are my addiction and that books are like crack. Until then, I still have my shoes.

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