Muse is Riding Me Hard

Today is going to be a really short post.

My muse is riding me hard. I can’t sleep. I can’t eat. I don’t want to go to yoga. My story wants out like yesterday. It is times like this I really wish I had taken typing in high school. I am a modified two finger pecker. Not efficient at all. My story is mostly writing itself. But because I type so slow, I am not keeping up. Which makes my muse impatient. Making me want to ignore everything else but the story.

And it wouldn’t be so bad but right at this moment, I have two full novels running side by side in my head. Seriously running. Fast. Like crazy fast. Trying to beat each other out. To see which one I will write first. The only thing those two have in common is that they are both contemporary. After that, they diverge in many, many ways. So not only are they competing to see which one gets written, they are discordant as they compete.

I think I might be going slowly insane. Evidence of this is that I am talking about muses and writings as if they are real people or something. lol All brought on my lack of sleep along with crazy voices talking in my head. At least I am not answering them yet. Well, other than to tell them to shut up. But do they listen? No. Are they trying to help a bitch out? No. They want their story written and they want it done… YESTERDAY.

I am only human. I type like crap. I am trying. Soon. So very soon, I will have these stories finished. But I know my trials and tribulations won’t be over. There are other character voices that aren’t as loud yet but once I am done with my current WIPs, I know they will start yelling too. No rest for the weary, yeah? 😉

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