Smutty Sunday

So I thought I would start a regular feature. A wrap up of the week by giving some suggestions about reading material. Books I like. If you like them too, well there you go.

For my SF/F fans, I’ve been digging on Kate Elliot. I first read her Crown of Stars books a while back. They have stayed with me. She had such a nice pace in her works. I haven’t read her newest Spiritwalker books but I’m going to. Not a lot of sex in her books. Just great world building. Which takes no small amount of talent. She also has great pacing. When I read, there is in invisible metronome that ticks in my brain. Good books have a certain pace. Words are carefully chosen to make that come alive on the page. Like poetry almost.

I’ve been on a motorcycle kick lately. I don’t know which came first, my love of bad ass dudes on motorcycles or Kristen Ashley. Cause her books have a lot of them. I just finished her first Chaos series book and it ROCKED. As usual. Can’t wait for the next one. Her mountain man series had a motorcycle rider in one of them, Sweet Dreams. And then Motorcycle Man had the ultimate bad boy rider. AWESOMESAUCE. Her books are contemporary romances with a lot of drama. And now she has a whole series dedicated to badass boys on their toys! Shew, color me a happy happy girl.

For the people that like a little paranormal romance, I read and reread Nalini Singh’s Archangel books. It just has a whole lot of goodness in them. Lots of magical realism. Magical realism is concept that is being bandied about a lot in writerly circles. It just means that the world building in the book just accepts the supernatural elements regardless of what they are without question or explanation. Kind of like an alternate reality that just is the way it is no matter how much it looks like our reality in the here and now. So in her books, angels and vampires and hunters just are. Always have been, always will be. But her angels and vampires aren’t the sparkly kind- thank christ. They are just smokin’ hot alpha-y and the back stories ROCK.

To break in with a book about spirituality might be a little jarring. But I am going to do it anyway. Hey, a girl can’t live on smut alone. Ya know? So if it isn’t offensive to you, your god, your beliefs or whatever. Check out Ram Dass’s Paths to God. The book rocks. Lots of insights that aren’t particular to one kind of belief system. It is broad enough to touch on lots of different areas. Cause there are a multitude of paths. And really none of us know which is the right one. Besides, what if there is really more than one. It could happen.

Now on to my smut rec for the week. Been thinking a lot about Tymber Dalton’s Reluctant Dom book. Yes there is sex in it. Yes there is bdsm in it. Yes there is menage in it. A trifecta of goodness in my opinion. But there is also a sad story. A journey of discovery. And an evolution of character. Happiness comes to all of us when we can take such a journey with the characters in the book. And while there is kink in there, there is more than kink. Which to my mind is the best kind of kink book. Even a book that is about sex has to have more than just sex. Ya know?

Now that’s a wrap. Have a great week.

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