Random Thoughts Part 9

Why haven’t they buried all the electrical wires yet? Why are there still wires above ground where wind, trees and a variety of other dangerous conditions exist to break said wires? I don’t understand this. Doesn’t the cost of maintenance above ground outstrip the cost of putting the wires underground? Not to mention it looks better. A lot better.

Can there be two weeks of weather that doesn’t require that either the air conditioner or the heater be on? Can we do that say like twice  a year? When summer becomes fall and winter becomes spring. Or something like that. So that I could get a break on my electric bills. Seriously. Be temperate. So I can be off the juice for a few weeks. It would be greatly appreciated.

When I start writing a book it goes slow. Then I get into it and it goes fast. Then at some point, I get sick of the story, want to writ the next one and can’t wait for the story to end. So the ending comes slow as molasses as well. I think you write at mixed variable speeds due to what you are writing as well as you excitement level about writing it. It’s being able to get in 2000 word days even when you aren’t feeling the first word that distinguishes the wanna bes to the already theres.

It never fails that when you need to hear something. Like it is crucial for the continued survival of the human species, a vehicle with a loud ass siren will go by and make whatever it was you were listening to not be heard at all. Not even a whisper. And they don’t just go by in ones .No, they go by in multiples. So it’ll be a while before you can hear what you needed to hear to save the Western Civilization. Some days it just goes like that.

That is all.

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