Random Thoughts 12

The following random thoughts are slightly controversial. You’ve been warned.

I read that people who eat their boogers have a better immune system. Totally gross and makes a weird kinda sense. But I write romance books and so my mind turned toward other bodily secretions that might help boost immune systems. In addition to being a romance writer, I am a sarcastic bitch. So my next thought was… now how can dudes market this to help position for greatest advantage? Cause if it ever came out that swallowing had health benefits and was good for you, well, I know in my heart of hearts that men won’t let that pass unnoticed. I’m not sure it’s in them to let it pass. I can see the ad campaigns now and the Superbowl half-time commercials. lol

You can’t call yourself pro-life and not support welfare to the maximum. You can’t say that women have to have kids and then provide no way for those very women to feed those kids. It is not logical. You also should be adopting babies left and right to provide for them as well. This needs to be said because I see advocates of getting rid of abortion in America also advocating getting rid of welfare at the same time. So you punish the babies for the indiscretions of the parents? How is that pro-life? Seems like you hate us all because those hungry babies grow up to be hungry adults. And then, nothing about life is sacred because those kids are going to take out their anger on us all. And those that acted to mold them, and those that didn’t act but merely looked on, wouldn’t a small part of the retribution be deserved? Because it was preventable. Some things go together like peas and carrots. One is Forrest and Jenny. The other is feeding the babies that are being forced to be born. Or adopting them to feed and raise them. It’s all about the feeding and clothing and housing of the kids. Really. I just never hear about how adoption laws and money ear marked for the kids being born to the women denied contraception and other services are at the forefront of the pro-life debate. So what? The kids are born only to die of starvation or neglect? I’m cool with either position on this debate in America–see I have enough money to do what I want in the country of my choice when I want regardless of the moralizing minority in this country… but I digress–but I want the logical conclusion of either position to be taken care of at the same time. Because this shit doesn’t happen in a vaccuum. In addition to the deaths brought on by back yard abortions–and if you’re cool with women dying by getting illegal abortions ask yourself… how Christian was that?–we are going to have a shitload of unwanted children. I want ALL of this resolved, not just the beginnings of life. If we as a society force children to be born to people who don’t want them, we are then obligated to take care of said children. End of.

I got nothing else right now. So… that is all.

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