Waxing vs. Lasering

One of my characters has a Brazilian. Not too much of a problem right? But she is lasered bare instead of waxed bare. Which presents a slight issue. I need to be able to write about it correctly. Which means that I have to do some research. I wouldn’t have to do any research if the character was waxed bare. But because of the method she chose to have her brazilian, I do. Now normally I don’t mind research. It is one of the things I have always loved. My brain likes lots of useless facts. I like lots of useless facts. Would you believe me if I told you that trivial pursuit is one of my favorite games? It is. I suck at it but still.

Anyway back to the laser. So I am not looking forward to researching the whole lasering brazilian thing. Cause I know that waxing that area hurts. A Lot. Like bring tears to your eyes pain. But I do it anyway. Wanna know why? Cause they don’t tell you that once you wax, you can’t stop. Cause having STUBBLE in that area is uncomfortable. And not mildly uncomfortable but like shockingly uncomfortable. So much so that you will sell your first born to make it go away. Instead, I just keep getting waxed. Waxing is like eating potato chips, you can’t just have one.

So I already get my armpits lasered. I am tired of being all sweaty in the summer. Having to constantly shave my pits is not a pleasant thing. It is tedious. And must be done everyday in the summer because it is so freaking hot. So I bought a package this past winter. It is awesome really. I’m not sure why I waited so long. But lasering is not without its own pain. It feels like a thousand rubber bands are snapping at your skin. Now imagine that in your private areas. Waxing hurts as well, don’t get me wrong. But I know that pain already. I know I can handle it. I haven’t experienced the lasering of that area pain yet. But I will. Because I am a dedicated writer. I will research this particular practice so that I might write about it effectively.

See, I am a dedicated writer. If I can find out information that allows me to bring some realism to the table I will. Getting a brazilian laser is just the tip of the ice berg. I have an elevated sense of responsibility to my readers. I will endure pain for them. I’m a dedicated writer bitch. lol Cause that’s just how I roll.


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